Kazakhstan to broadcast Eurovision 2012!

Kazakh channel Yel Arna will broadcast song contest Eurovision-2012, press-service of the channel said on Thursday. Well-known music experts and radio broadcasters Norberg Makhambetov and Kaldybek Zhaysanbay will comment Eurovision for Kazakh viewers.

Kazakhstan has shown interest on joining the EBU in order to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, would you like to see Kazakhstan in the Eurovision Song Contest?


16 comments on “Kazakhstan to broadcast Eurovision 2012!

  1. Good to know that another country will broadcast ESC, but I think being part of ESC is TOO much. Israel or Morocco are in the limit, because they’re close to Europe – in a certain way -, but for me Kazakhstan is too far away… no? But it wouldn’t make any harm…

  2. Since Russia and other ex-soviet countries will benefit most from their existence in the contest ,some people would hate that and oppose to it! I really don’t mind…the more the merrier 😉

  3. A small part of Kazakhstan is in Europe, so why not? But if you join, please consider giving points to countries west of Brest (I mean the city in Belarus and not the one in France) too.

    Off again to the extra time in this year’s horrible Champions League final. 😦

    • It better vote for the one in france!! 😛

      I know…. Chelsea stayed back all time and didn’t play at all…. sorry for the ones that went with Chelsea, but it’s true! Bayern deserves winning!

  4. Bayern is my least favourite German Bundesliga team but now I pity them a bit too. 2nd in the league, 2nd in the German cup and 2nd in the CL. And poor Bastian Schweinsteiger … he has won so many matches for Bayern but this penalty will be remembered for a very long time …

  5. Horrible indeed. 😦 Since I have a beating heart for everything Bavarian, I do have them as my favourites in football too, of course. My stomach told me though that this wouldn’t end up well. At least the Chelsea flags had the same design as the Bavarian…

    • Might it be that your love for Bavaria is somehow connected to your love for baroque churches? Btw, I was born in one of Germany’s main baroque towns (Ludwigsburg … which is all about Italian baroque …)

  6. I think you’re on the right track, togravus. 😉 I do love the combination of baroque churches with bavarian cuisine, folklore and the whole atmosphere that I somehow think surrounds Bavaria. I’m often visiting for some eye-candy (I actually love the most parts of Germany).

    • I lived in Bavaria for 10 years but never fell in love with this country, which has only very few romanesque churches … I might be biased though, being born and bred in Stuttgart and to Prussian parents. LOL

      Good night!

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