Eurovision.TV attacked again!

The official website of the Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovision.TV has been attacked by hackers again.

If you try to enter, it will say: 404 – Page not found: SORRY, the page you are looking for does not exist (anymore) or has been moved…

Another attack took place some weeks ago, but recovered quickly, let’s hope that comes back to normal soon and wont be attacked again.

Fortunately, the only damaged site is the Homepage. If you have a link to any post of you can enter! 🙂 but still, what has Eurovision done to deserve that?

During this week many Eurovision related websites have been attacked by hackers, Now joins, ESCToday (who hasn’t recovered yet) and ESCInsight.


10 comments on “Eurovision.TV attacked again!

  1. It wasn’t nearly as bad.
    They already recovered, and it was only the homepage that was damaged in the first place. If you could get to any sub-page, the rest of the site was also open to you.

  2. off-topic: There is more news on the ban of Armenian songs in Euro Club. Prinz Blog (once more) asked the EBU for a statement which turned out to be a very vague and lukewarm affair. Nevertheless, Prinz Blog’s DJ, who played ‘Apricot Stone’ a couple of days ago and was supposed to be in charge of the music after last night’s official reception, was told that his services were no longer needed. If the ESC is such an unpolitical affair (as Mr. Bakker loves to emphasise) why do they allow Azerbaijan to instrumentalise ESC in a way contrary to all historical values of the contest?

    • I can understand their sensitivity about Armenia but music or musicians should never be the victim of politics!One day both nations will have civil relationships like they did before…I’m optimistic!

    • Icelandic ESC veterans Eyjólfur Kristjánsson and Páll Oskar wanted Iceland to withdraw, since the contest was to be held in Azerbaijan, as a protest against their government. Instead they wanted the Nordic countries (including the Faroe Islands) to form a contest of their own. And now we have all these conflicts between Armenians and Azeris, and also hackers popping out from nowhere. What has become of the contest? We haven’t witnessed such problems since the Flamingosi vs. No Name crisis in Serbia & Montenegro in 2006.

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