Baku 2012

Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Dates: 22th, 24th & 26th of May

Venue: Baku Crystal Hall, Baku, AZ

Participants: 42

Winner: Sweden!

This edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will se the return of Montenegro after a 2 year absence, Also will see the withdrawal of Poland which withdrew after a run of poor results and because TVP will focus on the Euro 2012 and the Summer Olympics, Armenia also withdrew because of concerns with the security.

In this edition countries like Morocco, Monaco & Czech Republic made attempts to return to the competition but failed, note that Morocco has only participated in the contest once, when in 1980 Samira Saïd sang Bitaqat Hob and came second to last.

Also in the confirmation season, we had the tragical news that Andorra will leave the EBU due to financial trouble

Liechtenstein‘s 1FLTV didn’t made such a big effort to enter as they did in 2011

Qatar’s Qatar Radio also didn’t showed interest in this edition as they did in 2011

About the Host Country: Azerbaijan!

The Republic of Azerbaijan is located in the eastern part of the South Caucasus, at the western coast of the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan borders on Russian Federation in the North, Georgia in the North-West, Armenia and Turkey in the West and South-West, and Iran in the South. The country has a sea border with Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani is the official language

Azerbaijan is a secular and unitary republic. The country features rich and beautiful nature with wildlife varying a lot among its major areas like Nakhchivan, Sheki, Zagatala, Gusar, Lerik, Shamakhy, Shusha, Aghdam. Azerbaijan is a true goldmine for archaeologists.

Excavations held in the cave of Azykh in Garabagh revealed human remnants exceeding 2 million years of age. This unique finding placed Azerbaijan on the map of the most ancient inhabitants of Europe.

Azerbaijan is also known for its deeply rooted history of science and education. The State University of Baku, established in 1919, and the institutes of the Academy of Sciences, founded in 1945, played a significant role in promoting science, education and culture in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is a country of ancient culture Azerbaijani carpets are world-famous. Some outstanding pieces of this art are currently cherished in the world’s leading museums like Victoria & Albert (London), Textile Museum (Washington DC), Louvre (Paris), Topkapy (Istanbul), and Hermitage (St.Petersburg).

Deeply rooted music traditions are another feature of Azerbaijan. The tambourine stone (qavaldash) in the historic and archaeological site of Gobustan is the oldest musical instrument discovered in the country.


Country | Artist | Song | Translation (if required)

  • Albania | Rona Nishliu | Suus | Personal
  • Austria | Trackshittaz | Woki Mit Deim Popo | Shake your butt
  • Azerbaijan | Sabina Babayeva | When the Music Dies
  • Belgium | Iris | Would you?
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina | Maya Sar | Korake ti Znam | I Know your Steps
  • Bulgaria | Sofi Marinova | Love Unlimited
  • Croatia | Nina Badric | Nebo | Heaven
  • Cyprus | Ivi Adamou | La La Love |
  • Denmark | Soluna Samay | Should’ve Known Better
  • Estonia | Ott Lepland | Kuula | Listen
  • Finland | Pernilla Karlsson | När Jag Blundar | When I Close my Eyes
  • France | Anggun | Echo (You and I)
  • Georgia | Anri Jokhadze | I’m a Joker
  • Germany | Roman Lob | Standing Still
  • Greece | Eleftheria Eleftheriou | Aphrodisiac
  • Hungary | Compact Disco | Sound of Our Hearts
  • Iceland | Greta Salome & Jónsi | Never Forget
  • Ireland | Jedward | Waterline
  • Israel | Izabo | Time
  • Italy | Nina Zilli | L’Amore É Femmina (Out of Love) | Love is Female
  • Latvia | Anmary | Beautiful Song
  • Lithuania | Donny Montell | Love is Blind
  • Macedonia | Kaliopi | Crno i Belo | Black and White
  • Malta | Kurt Calleja | This is the Night
  • Moldova | Pasha Parfeny | Lautar | Traditional Musician
  • Montenegro | Rambo Amadeus | Euro Neuro
  • Netherlands | Joan Franka | You and Me
  • Norway | Tooji | Stay
  • Portugal | Filipa Sousa | Vida Minha | Life of Mine
  • Romania | Mandinga | Zaleilah
  • Russia | Buranovskiye Babushki | Party for Everybody
  • San Marino | Valentina Monetta | The Social Network Song (Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh)
  • Serbia | Zeljko Joksimovic | Nije Ljubav Stvar | Love is not a Thing
  • Slovakia | Max Jason Mai | Don’t Close Your Eyes
  • Slovenia | Eva Boto | Verjamem | I Believe
  • Spain | Pastora Soler | Quédate Conmigo | Stay With Me
  • Sweden | Loreen | Euphoria
  • Switzerland | Sinplus | Unbreakable
  • Turkey | Can Bonomo | Love Me Back
  • Ukraine | Gaitana | Be my Guest
  • United Kingdom | Engelbert Humperdinck | Love Will Set You Free

Here’s a special welcome message from the Azerbaijani people, Find your language 😉

The BIG POLL 2012!


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