Amsterdam 2012

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012

VenueHeineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, NL

Host Broadcaster: AVRO

Date: December 1st 2012

Presenters: Ewout Genemans, Kim-Lian van der Meij

Participants: 9 So far

  • Country | Artist | Song | National Selection

  • Armenia
  • Belarus | September 2012 | September 2012 | National Final
  • Belgium
  • Georgia | Shesanishnavi Otkheuli | September 2012 | Internal/National Final
  • Israel
  • Netherlands | October 6th | October 6th | Junior Songfestivaal
  • Russia | Lerika (Valeriya) | Sensatsiya [Sensation] | National Final
  • Sweden | Lova Sönnerbo | Mitt Mod [My Courage] | Lilla Melodifestivalen
  • Ukraine | Anastasiya Petryk | Nebo [Heaven] | National Final
Country(ies) still undecided:
  • Serbia: When RTS withdrew from the 2011 edition, RTS spokesperson said that one-year break would be ok  in order to not to disappoint Serbian kids.
  • Moldova: TRM is still considering a participation, which doesn’t looks very likely due to financial trouble.
Debuting Countries:
  • Israel: On June 10th it was announced that the IBA comity decided to participate for the first time in Junior Eurovision
Withdrawing Countries:
  • Bulgaria: BNT has pulled of for financial reasons
  • Lithuania: LRT has pulled of for financial reasons
  • Macedonia: MKTV has pulled of for financial reasons and how the voting is made
  • Latvia: LTV has pulled of for financial reasons
Cancelled Debuts:
  • Italy: RAI has not showed the same interest in this edition than in the 2011 one
  • San Marino: SMTV has some financial trouble
  • Finland: YLE has said that they can still participate in the future
Cancelled Returns:
  • Cyprus: CyBC confirmed in Baku that they wont send a Cypriot contestant
  • Norway: NRK said that they wont return because professional singers are allowed to compete
  • Portugal: RTP was considering a return but later declined due to financial trouble
  • Spain: TVE has financial difficulties, however they haven’t decided yet
Countries that have participated in the past and didn’t even thought about taking part
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • Greece
  • France
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Switzerland
  • UK

 This contest may be cancelled due to lack of interested countries!


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