Best Semifinalists Contest!

Many good songs stay on the semifinals, maybe they could have done well in the final, but for some reason they didn’t made it, but, have you ever thought about giving them a second chance? Well I did, no I decided to create this contest to see who is the best semifinalists of each year!


  • Voting will consist on 50% public poll and 50% MyED jury
  • From every contest, 2 countries will qualify for the inter-contest final.
  • In the Inter-contest final, 2 countries from every year will compete and of course only 1 will get the title of the “Best Semifinalist” according to the readers of this site.
  • Results will be announced every Sunday morning.
  • In the public polls you can vote for your 2 favorite songs.


All jurors are people who visit the site, comment about news, songs etc…, and people who share Eurovision moments with the small community of this blog, they are:

  • Me! – Mexico
  • Togravus – Germany
  • Michael Sams – Spain
  • Patrick P. – U.S.A.

Structure of the Contest & Results:

Year Stage:

2004 contenders:

  • Israel: David D’Or – Leha’amin (To believe)
  • Estonia: Neiokoso – Tii (Path)
  • Denmark: Thomas Thordarson – Shame on You
  • Finland: Jari Silanpää – Takes 2 to Tango
  • PortugalSofia Vitória – Foi Magia (It Was Magic)
  • Lithuania: Linas & Simona – What’s Happened to Your Love?
  • Latvia: Fomins & Kleins – Dziesma par Laimi (Song About Happiness)
  • Andorra: Marta Roure – Jugarem a Estimar-nos (We’ll Play Loving Each Other)
  • Monaco: Maryon – Notre Planète (Our Planet)
  • Belarus: Aleksandra & Konstantin – (My Galileo)
  • Slovenia: Platin – Stay Forever
  • Switzerland: Piero and the MusicStars – Celebrate


2005 contenders:


2006 contenders:


2007 contenders:


2008 contenders:


2009 contenders:


2010 contenders:


2011 contenders:


2012 contenders:


Inter-contest Final




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