Inactive Countries Series!

Every year, since late 1960´s there are countries that decide not to take part in the Eurovision, which is a pity.

So now, that Eurovision is so close, only a month away, we will be discussing the reasons of their withdrawal.

Each day an article will be published with the name of an inactive country and information about their participations, Hope you like it, have fun!

Day 1: Czech Republic

Day 2: Luxembourg

Day 3: Morocco

Day 4: Monaco

Day 5: Poland

Day 6: Andorra

Day 7:Armenia

So, all the Inactive countries have been discussed, well next year, we will discuss the NEW inactive countries, if any, hope not, and the retuning countries and countries that where about to withdraw, like Slovakia this and the last year, Inactive countries will become ‘Countries to Miss’ so see you in March 2013!


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