Poll: Of the finalists’ rehearsals which one you like the most?

After watching all the rehearsals of the finalist countries, tell us in this poll which one you like the most. Choose carefully because you can only vote for one country!

Don’t forget that every day, we will be bringing you the latest developments of the rehearsals at the Crystal Hall.


11 comments on “Poll: Of the finalists’ rehearsals which one you like the most?

  1. Here’s waht I think of the finalists atm:

    Spain: excellent vocals, boring song that tries to impose itself on others by sounding like a freight train;

    UK: interesting ballad that does not come across all that well live:

    Germany: anonymous song+dull voice are major turn offs for me;

    France: the worst of the Big 5! That was bad, I am very disappointed indeed. She looked bored and came across as having been forced to be there;

    Italy: Nina did not give it everything, but it does sound great atm;

    Azerbaijan: I loved the rehearsal. This number is going up my ranks. Sabina has won me over. ‘When the music dies’ is the best entry ever sent by Azerbaijan.

    Three comments, 3 different votes. That’s how I like it. 🙂

  2. I voted for Italy but Azerbaijan, Germany and Spain were very strong too, irrespective of my personal opinion on the songs. I would not be surprised to see 4 out of the 5+1 in the top 10 next Saturday.

  3. Voted for Germany to be honest..Italy and Spain were excellent as well but I want to root for Roman at this point, he really deserves some credit.

  4. Italy for me though I loved Spain and Azerbaijan was good but didn’t like the man warbling. Germany may be well performed but l’m still not getting any real vibe from it personally though I think he has a lovely voice. France was quite poor which was very disappointing, I like the song. UK is another good enough entry but the delivery is a bit tricky at the end.I hope things improve with tomorrow’s rehearsal.

  5. Azerbaijan and Germany are good, others are on the border of HORRIBLE TBH unfortunately! 😦 😦 😦

    Voted for Azerbaijan!

  6. Spain won voting here by far! I knew’s so gay friendly, but in horrible old fashioned way, it’s from the last decade, YUCK! Image of that boring as hell singer is horrible and frozen in 90s, it’s quite shameful for this festival, but OK.. if that is direction it goes, let’s all go in that way! 😦

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