Croatia confirms for 2013!

Aleksandar Kostadinov, TV producer in HRT, has confirmed that Croatia will be participating at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

However, Kostadinov stated that it is still undecided how HRT will choose their entry for Sweden. Croatia has been out of the final for the past three editions after three different selection processes were used to select their entry. For the latest contest, Nina Badrič was internally selected by HRT to represent Croatia.



7 comments on “Croatia confirms for 2013!

  1. That is good news! Good luck!

    P.S. Croatia was robbed big time this year. ‘Nebo’ is in 6th place on my 2012 list.

  2. Good news!!! I hope that San Marino and Slovakia will confirm their participation, too… But I think they will not… 😦

  3. Nice to hear.
    Although I liked the Croatian entry this year I did not like the performance or staging in Baku, it was a disappointment to me and the dress was awful!
    Hi Togravus and Alex 🙂

  4. Life is good thanks Alex, keeping busy through the summer months and yourself?
    Am glad you liked it Togravus, and you are most definitely not alone as many people loved Nina in Baku, but it didn’t do it for me sadly, I was expecting something else and it never reached my expectations, the dress. the dancers. the billowing sheet, left me quite cold. She did deliver a good vocal though.

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