Best Semifinalists: Eurovision Song Contest 2006!

Hello readers! This is the first stage of the Best Semifinalists Contest! During this week the readers of this site and the juries will be voting in order to determine the best semifinalist entry of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest!

Today the voting for the semifinal of this stage will begin, only 2 of the 13 semifinalists will move on to our final. In the poll you will vote for your favorite 2 songs, the ones with the most votes will proceed to our final! So let’s start!


Follow My Heart” was the Polish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, performed in English, Polish, German, Russian and Spanish by Ich Troje and Real McCoy. This was the fourth year in succession that the Polish entry featured multiple languages; however, only in 2003 had the entry (also performed by Ich Troje) featured more than two languages.


“Je t’adore” (“I Adore You”) was the Belgian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, performed in English (with only the title in French) by Kate Ryan. It was the seventh song which was performed in this Contest and the 999th by counting all songs which have ever performed on Eurovision Song Contest. “Je t’adore” was released in 2006 as the lead single from Ryan’s third studio album Alive (2006)


Congratulations (often known by its Icelandic title of Til hamingju Ísland, which translates to English as “Congratulations Iceland”) was theIcelandic entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, performed in English by Silvía Night.

Composed by Þorvaldur Bjarni Þorvaldsson and with lyrics written by the fictional character singing it, the song generated considerable controversy at the Contest.


“Zjarr e ftohtë” (“Fire and cold”) was the Albanian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, performed in Albanian by Luiz Ejlli. This was the first time that the Albanian entry in the contest was sung in Albanian


“Why Angels Cry” was the Cypriot entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, performed in English by Annet Artani.

The song is a ballad, with Artani asking why difficulties occur in the world. In an interview, Artani explained that angels cry for many reasons and that her song was about finding peace around the world and ending sadness and pain. She pointed to the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City as the inspiration for the song and revealed that she was supposed to sing at the Windows on the World restaurant on the top floor later that day.


“Mr Nobody” was the Slovene entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, sung by Anžej Dežan in English


“Let Me Cry” was Bulgaria’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, performed in English by Mariana Popova


Through My Window” was the Estonian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, performed in English by Sandra Oxenryd


“Coisas de nada (Gonna Make You Dance)” (“Meaningless things (Gonna Make You Dance)”) was the Portuguese entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, performed in Portuguese and English by Nonstop


Amambanda” was the Dutch entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, performed predominantly in an imaginary language but with some words inEnglish by Treble. This was the second occasion on which a song had been performed with lyrics in an invented language – Belgium having enteredSanomi by Urban Trad at the 2003 Contest.


“La Coco-Dance” (“The Coco Dance”) was the Monegasque entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, performed in French and Tahitian bySéverine Ferrer. This was the first – and to date, the only – occasion on which the Tahitian language was used at the Contest


“Mum” was the Belarusian entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, performed in English by Polina Smolova. As the previous Belarusian entry had not finished in the top 10, Smolova performed the song in the semi-final.


“Sense tu” (“Without you”) was Andorra’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006. Performed in Catalan by Jenny, the song had to qualify from the semi-final, due to Andorra’s failure to make the top ten in the previous Contest.

The song itself is a dramatic ballad, with the singer describing herself as being “at the end of the road” without her lover. She sings that she has no reason to live without him, in fact

Now it’s time to vote! Remember, vote for your 2 favorites!


7 comments on “Best Semifinalists: Eurovision Song Contest 2006!

  1. Oh my, 2006 is my least favourite ESC ever. Most songs are simply abysmal and I will have to give points to some songs I do not like at all … I’d prefer 4 2005 songs to qualify and not a single one from 2006 … 😉

    OK, I will publish my points once I have made up my mind.

  2. First of all, sorry for not sending my votes of 2005 contest. I was not home and it was difficult…
    Then, I will hear the songs ASAP and make my decision, although – as toggle said – I don’t like this year very much… Indeed, I don’t like it at all…

  3. My votes:

    12 pts: Andorra
    10 pts: Iceland
    8 pts: Poland
    7 pts: Albania
    6 pts: Netherlands
    5 pts: Bulgaria
    4 pts: Belgium
    3 pts: Portugal
    2 pts: Monaco
    1 pt: Cyprus

  4. My votes:

    12 pts Iceland
    10 pts Albania
    8 pts Andorra
    7 pts Cyprus
    6 pts Belgium
    5 pts Slovenia
    4 pts Bulgaria
    3 pts Portugal
    2 pts Estonia
    1 pt Netherlands

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