Sweden: 3 backing singers for Loreen!

The Swedish head of delegation revealed that Loreen will be joined by 3 backing singers, she will still keep the backing dancer from Melodifestivalen.

Plenty of changes in Loreen’s performance were required by the EBU because the performance of Melodifestivalen breaks some rules. For example, in the Eurovision, singers must sing totally Live, in Melodifestivalen they are required to only do lip sync, also EBU doesn’t allow backing dancers to be hiding, remember that the backing dancer for Loreen came out untill the second half of the song.

So Loreen will be backed by three female singers, Johanna BeijbomBritta Bergström and Monica Starck, as well as her male dancer Ausben Jordan.

All of them are not indifferent to Eurovision or Melodifestivalen, they have experience already:

Johanna Beijbom was among others a backing vocalist for the Maltese representative at the 2007 Eurovision song contest Olivia Lewis who sang Vertigo.

Britta Bergström has performed on a Eurovision stage several times. Last year she was behind the small LED screens, supporting the Russian representative Alexej Vorobjov.

Monica Starck has released two solo albums and she also supported the latter in Melodifestivalen 2012.

The intention of the Swedish delegation is to make the dancers as invisibles as possible, to create Loreen’s own space.

Sweden will compete in the second semi-final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest with Euphoria. Good Luck!


13 comments on “Sweden: 3 backing singers for Loreen!

  1. I think you’re wrong here. Loreen will have her backing dancer on stage but she will also be joined by 3 backing ‘singers’ not dancers. I’m sure that’s what i’ve been led to understand.

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