Bosnia & Herzegovina: Maya Sar will perform alone on stage!

Maya Sar has revealed on a live interview in a Bosnian TV show that she will not be joined by backing dancers nor backing singers.

Bosnian representative, Maya Sar explained: ‘The song Korake ti znam is full of emotions and I want to stick to it – I will perform alone on stage in Baku, give a performance withouth any special effects and try to bring all my emotions to viewers. I hope I will make citizens of B&H proud and that they will appreciate my job’

Also she confessed that this year her favorite entry is the Estonian entry, ‘Kuula’ (Listen) performed by Ott Lepland. The interviewer asked her what she thinks about the other representatives for the former yugoslav republics and she said that Željko, Nina, Rambo,  Kaliopi and Eva’s songs represent exactly who they are.

She also said that the English and Italian version of ‘Korake ti Znam’ (I Know Your Steps) are yet to be released!

Maya Sar will be performing ‘Korake Ti Znam’ in the Second Semifinal, will she qualify for the grand final?


9 comments on “Bosnia & Herzegovina: Maya Sar will perform alone on stage!

  1. OMG… THAT’S being brave!! It’s like Austria last year…. she had a chorus but it was not on stage… Good Luck B&H!! I’m sure you’re going to make good impact for singing alone in front of the world!!!! 😀 😀 :D!!!

  2. This is true music we are talking about ! Well done BiH , well done Maya ! Another high score on my personal list for BiH this year 😉

  3. I would be thrilled if she won because it would be a sign that ESC has left the circus and silly shake it! stuff era behind and returned to what it was supposed to be back in the 60s, a credible song contest. However, I think that it is more likely for Sweden to win which would be a sign pointing in the completely opposite direction, and a direction I do not like at all, the björkmanification of ESC. 😦

    Therefore, please win Italy! Go Nina! 🙂

    • Yes!! You are totally right!!

      And Italy is wonderfull!! I love Italy, Cyprus, Netherlands, Germany, France… well, a lot of them!! This year is going to be difficult to win because the real ESC is back!!

      • I am rooting for Italy because it is the only song among the ones I love that I can see winning. It is only 6th in my personal ranking but I love it to bits nevertheless.

        I have to go now. The guests will arrive in 15 minutes and stay for coffee and dinner. Happy Easter (if you celebrate it …) 🙂

      • Well yes!! It’s not my favorite but it’s in the top rankings! Yes I will be eating in a couple minutes so I have to go to!! Happy Easter to you too!! Enjoy!! 😀

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