2013: SVT explains why they chose Malmö!

Although still months away, Eurovision fever is starting to hit the 2013 host city Malmo. Many ideas have been proposed for the upcoming 58th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Host broadcaster SVT believes that Malmo is the perfect place to host the event due to its diverse and multicultural population. The broadcaster also points out that the city boasts impressive infrastructure including two airports and good road and rail links.

Folkets Park has been proposed as the Euroclub venue with parties to take place both indoors and outdoors. The idea is to include as many people as possible in next year’s Eurovision. The city centre has been suggested to play host to the Eurovillage. The village will serve as an open space with music, food and different themes each day.

The Malmo Exhibition and Convention Centre, located next to the Malmo Arena (where Eurovision will be taking place) will serve as the press centre. The centre stretches over 20.000 square meters. SVT believes that the Malmo Arena will be an excellent venue to host Eurovision and produce the best show.


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