Spain: Pastora Soler releases “Stay With Me”!

Spanish representative at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Pastora Soler, who also brought Spain back on track, has released the English version of “Quédate Conmigo”, this time it’s “Stay With Me”

Translation of what she says on the video:

“I’ve decided to record “Quédate Conmigo” in English because it has had many acceptation in many European countries after Eurovision. It has topped the iTunes charts in many countries, or the radio charts in Finland and many more countries, so for me it is important that the people likes the song so much that wants to understand the message we want to give, and it is a big challenge. This is a gorgeous experience for me.”

The Eurovision experience has been more gratifying and its enrichment has been more than I expected, but I have e enjoyed a lot all 6 months of work, to perform in that stage that was my objective, to enjoy acting, but overall the charm of people, but it has been impressive. And it has also been impressive because of the song, and here is an advice for the future representatives: you should take a song in which they enjoy and identify themselves.”

Well, right now my future plans are to keep working, there is a lot of work in a short time, like a concert, I would love to go to America because there are many followers from there, also Eurovision is really followed in Latin-America, so for me it would be a big opportunity to visit them, like Argentina, and also a new album, but in a log time, I would love to take all the time of the world because I have always went from album to album quickly, so now I want to take a breath and prepare an album with a lot of time”

Finally here is the non-official video enjoy!


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