Lithuania confirms for 2013!

Yesterday Mr. Audrius Giržadas, Lithuanian Head of Delegation for Eurovision, confirmed that Lithuania will paticipate for sure in Sweden next May.

He also confirmed also that Lithuania will once again run a national selection series, however it’s unknown if the format will be the same, or different to 2012′s selection process.

So now the complete list of participants so far consists of 25 countries 🙂


6 comments on “Lithuania confirms for 2013!

  1. I didn’t like them in 2012! I hope that they will send smth better in 2013! 🙂

    PS: Azerbaijan took first medal yesterday in Olimpic Games!!! YAY! 😛

    • Hi! If you are not singer you must have a singer to enter the NF, I think LRT will soon publish rules and details about national selection. Good Luck 🙂 Go to for more information, Hope to see you in Malmö

  2. Yes I’m a singer as well!!!! Ive composed the melody and lyrics are by eamonn Lynsey it’s being produced by Antonio gorbachev whos has Lithuanian citizenship. He grew up there it’s called only one for me! Thanks so much for the reply yes would be amazing.

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