Albania: RTSH calls for songs!

Preparations for Malmö have kicked off in Albania, where RTSH has made an open call for songs. Interested artists must submit their entries in  CD format with the lyrics included. No composer can submit more than one song and while the following has yet to be confirmed, an interview with Albania’s head of delegation seemed to suggest that only entries from Albanian songwriters would be accepted. All the songs received will be evaluated by a professional jury by October 17th.

The lucky ones to make the cut will be competing, as it is traditional, in late December in the Festivali i Kenges, to be held in the Pallati i Kongreseve in Tirana, in a battle to be the successor of Rona Nishliu and, hopefully, have as good a result come May.


2 comments on “Albania: RTSH calls for songs!

  1. I want to see Olta Boka (Albania 2008) again in the Eurovision stage!!! :/ Btw, “Zemrёn E Lame Peng” is my favourite ESC song eeever!!! 🙂

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