Malmö: €12 Million allocated for Eurovision!

Expressen have announced that the budget for 2013 contest will be just €12 million a quarter of what Baku spent on this years contest. This means that the event will be the lowest budget contest since Oslo in 2010 when they spent €17 million on the contest. This may seem like a small amount however this is double the budget that the 2000 contest was run on.

Christer Björkman who will lead the TV production next year said “In recent years the contest was too big, everyone wanted to impress with big arenas but the artists almost disappeared in the arena, and they are the stars of the evening after all” Also the Executive Producer Martin Österdahl said that the Baku contest was a “Prestige project” and wanted to bring the contest back too “ the heart of the matter: a TV program”.

The budget for the contest is far lower than it would have been if it were in Stockholm due to the lower costs of having the contest in Malmö.  Also Malmö will be paying €2.5 towards the contest, the rest of the budget will; be made up of participation fees, SVT licence payers money and the sales of tickets and merchandise

Source:, one of the most reliable websites!


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