Denmark: DR announces 2013 rules!

Danish broadcaster DR has this evening unveiled the rules for 2013 edition of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, as they look to find their entry for nearby Malmö.

Any interested songwriters can submit their potential entries up until 24 September 2012-and, in keeping with Eurovision rules, the song must not have been made available for public listening before 1 September.

Of the songs sent in, DR will chose six to go into their national final. An additional three or four will be selected by the broadcaster as ‘wildcards’. The location and date of the DMGP final 2013 has not yet been announced.

“We would like to continue the positive development of the Grand Prix, where the songs are modern… Dansk Melodi Grand Prix is not the same as ten years ago. We want hits, which are up to date and are the sounds of 2013” said Entertainment manager Jan Lagermand Lundme.

DR are open to foreigners submitting entries, so long as they work with either a Danish singer or composer. A copy of the rules is available here.


3 comments on “Denmark: DR announces 2013 rules!

  1. I think that DR’s approach is pretty boring because it does not leave much room for musical diversity (we have the same problem here in Germany …). In the last 10 years, I only loved one Danish ESC song (2005) and I only liked very few DMGP songs that did not make it, Jeffrey’s ‘Drømmen’ and Aud Wilken’s ‘Husker du’ f. e.

    Good luck anyway!

    • I’ve loved zero songs in the last decade. I’ve liked a couple (2004, 2006, 2012), but I haven’t loved any of them. I’m really tired of Denmark playing it safe.

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