Meet the Jury of the Best Semifinalists Contest!

The deadline to enter to our Jury has already passed out so the Jury will consist of 4 people, they are:

  • Me, the moderator – Mexico
  • Togravus – Germany
  • Michael Sams – Spain/Colombia
  • Patrick P. – U.S.A.

Important: (Jurors)

When are we voting?

Every contest will be divided in two stages, the first is the semifinal, a semifinal will start every Monday, since those Mondays you will be able to hand in your votes until Wednesdays at 12:00 CET, later that day, qualifiers will be announced, on Thursdays the final will begin, you’ll be able to deliver your final votes from Thursdays until Saturdays at 12:00 CET, winners of each contest will be announced on Sundays, beside the winner, Split Public Poll/Jury votes will be announced.


In the form in this page.

Your name on the Name space (obviously)

And your votes on the Comment space.

For the readers!


Polls will be open:

  • Semifinals: From Mondays until Wednesdays 12:00
  • Finals: From Thursdays until Saturdays 12:00


A poll will be posted on the Sidebar.


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