Malmö: Eurovision Diary wants to advice its readers!

I think everyone was quite surprised this morning to find out that Malmö will be the host city for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, if we are all honest everyone thought that we would be in Stockholm at the Friends Arena which would have been the largest Eurovision venue ever, but now we will be in Malmö at the smallest venue for the contest since Helsinki 2007 at the Hartwell Arena.

So for those including myself who know nothing about Malmö here are a few facts about the city:

  • Malmö is Sweden’s third city, it is the third largest city in Sweden by population and is the capital of Skåne County which covers 3% of Sweden.
  • Malmö was not always called Malmö, it actually began life as Malmhaug which means Gravel Pile.
  • Malmö is home to the tallest building in Scandinavia, the building is called the Turning Torso and is 190m tall and contains 54 floors of apartments.
  • There are 171 different nationalities living in Malmö.
  • Malmö also hosted the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest where Linda Martin won the contest for Ireland starting the era of Irish domination.

So how easy is Malmö to get to from the rest of Europe then?

The answer is very easy compared to Baku. Malmö is connected to neighbouring Denmark by the Øresund Bridge meaning that you can get from Copenhagen Airport to the Malmö Arena in just 25 minutes. The Arena is also 25 minutes from Malmö Airport, so which ever airport you chose it’s not far to go to get to the venue. Quick warning, we have looked at flights arriving on the 13th of May and leaving on the 19th and the cheapest into Malmö involves 2 connections with 2 airlines and 10 hours of flying costing £451.

Who can you book with to fly direct to Malmö?

The positive way to look at it is that it’s far more affordable that Baku, downside is that you will end up having to fly with Ryanair or Wizz Air if you want to go direct to Malmö. If you’re not fussed by a direct flight you can connect in Stockholm with a choice of 3 airlines. Also don’t forget you could always fly into Copenhagen.


We would advise you to book now, the cheapest rooms from the 13th to the 19th are £262.98 and are being booked up fast. Don’t limit yourself to just booking in Malmö, Copenhagen has thousands of hotel rooms and probably some great deals.

We will continue this series later in the week with thoughts about what could have been if Gothenburg had not pulled out and if Stockholm had got the contest.


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