Junior Eurovision: Macedonia shines in the twilight!

In an email to the Artistic Director for MTV has revealed that they approached the EBU about a new voting system. In the email Ljupco Mirkovski talks about how Macedonia have been frustrated at their low placing in the last few years and how neighborly voting is affecting the children that take part. The new system that Macedonia wants to see is a normal televote and jury vote but the points are not announced out by spokespersons, only the top.5 countries are announced but not the points they have been awarded. There is then a secondary vote from which a winner is chosen from the top.5. The new system Mr Mirokovski says protects children during the voting if they are in the latter places. The EBU however has yet to respond to MTV and the channels board are deciding on whether to participate or not later this week.

All this means that Macedonia is still considering a participation! If Macedonia confirms, there would be 9 countries, not enough, but maybe Macedonia may encourage other broadcasters to take part! Macedonia, may be the hero this year!



2 comments on “Junior Eurovision: Macedonia shines in the twilight!

  1. I’d really want to see Macedonia participate in Junior Eurovision (mainly because that’s where Macedonia seems to shine). They were robbed in 2010, and their 2011 song, while not a winner, should have come much higher in the rankings. I’m having trouble visualizing this voting system, but if it does help the contest protect the kids, maybe it would be a good idea.

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