Editorial: Ukraine about to select for a contest in peril of cancellation!

The Junior Eurovision 2012 will be the 10th edition of the little brother of the contest we all love, supposedly there will be many celebrations and a big show, nevertheless, so far only 8 countries have confirmed their participation in the contest, the minimum number of participants is 11, due to the voting procedure.

Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal and many more countries have decided not to take part due to difficulties their broadcasters are going through. Moldova & Macedonia are the only remaining countries, Moldova’s TRM has severe financial issues, which begins rumors of withdrawal, Macedonia’s MKTV hasn’t said nothing regarding their participation, it’s important to note that since 2009 Macedonia has finished 12th, last year it tied with Latvia for the last place, however according to the EBU Latvia came last. So, as the title says, the contest is in peril of cancellation.

Why does this comes to Ukraine? Well, Ukraine’s national final, organized by NTU is scheduled for July 8th, 3 days to go. They might be wasting their money in vane, there are few chances for a single country to confirm its participation. So far, only 2 countries have decided who is (are) going to fly their flag in Amsterdam, 2 countries (besides Ukraine) have scheduled their national finals, ans 3 of the participating countries have only confirmed their participation, maybe there is still enough time until the contest, but a year ago, there were few countries who haven’t said nothing regarding their national selection. You may say, 3 is a small number, darling, 3 looks way bigger next to an 8.

What will happen to Junior Eurovision? Will more countries confirm their participation in order to fulfill the requirements for a suitable contest? Could Yerevan be the last city to host the contest? Time will say.

I wish best of luck to this contest, I don’t like it, but I know that if it is cancelled, many kids will be sad and disappointed.


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