Montenegro: Turkey’s J-Da wins Sunčane Skale 2012!

The 18th annual Sunčane Skale festival was held last night in Herceg Novi, Montenegro and the professional jury named the Turkish singer J-Da winner.

J-Da, the winner sang “Gel Gel”. Then, Azerbaijan’s Seyran came 2nd and Poland’s Marcin Mrozinski* came 3rd.

Here is the winning song of this year’s Sunčane Skale festival:

*Marcin Mrozinski represented Poland at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.


13 comments on “Montenegro: Turkey’s J-Da wins Sunčane Skale 2012!

  1. Many people will call this song catchy or summery but I call it lame and silly. Sorry … and congratulations anyway.

      • Yes, Mexico was on the German news in the last days … but not much because of all the Euro crisis stuff that has dominated our news for years now. We only learned that the PRI is back in power and that the USA fear that Peña Nieto will be more lenient towards the drug cartels. Is this fear justified?

      • Oh my … Let’s hope that it won’t get that worse. Btw, I have always thought that ‘Partido Revolucionario Institucional’ sounds like sth from a political satire … How can anyone institutionalise revolution? It doesn’t make sense …

      • I know! But I think it’s okay to give you a brief explanation: When PRI governed mexico, there were a lot of massacres, corruption was everywhere, we couldn’t speak against government, one day the dollar was in 12 pesos and the next day in more than a hundred, when the PRI announced its candidate for the elections, was when you met your new president, Now, with Peña, he hasn’t even took office, and many people who supported other parties have been found murdered with PRI t-shirts. When Peña was the governor of the State of Mexico, in a city called San Salvador Atenco there was a protest, Peña sent the army, few people died, but around 26 women were raped, and there were many wounded people, when Peña explained why that happened, he said that he was forced to do it because they were a threat to the society (Same thing that Díaz Ordaz said after the 1968 Tlatelolco Massacre), and they were only students and another civilians marching peacefully.

      • That sounds terrible! Unfortunately, we do not get much information about Mexican politics here in Germany and with all those countries in Europe, the politics of which I try to follow and understand because they are very important for Germany too (European integration … our politicians still use national state rhetorics although we are de facto almost one country already, at least those countries using the Euro …), there isn’t much time left to really research other countries’ politics. Well, at least Mexico is a big and important enough to get some time on the German news. Most other Central American states only feature there if sth really terrible happens.

        Btw, thanks for explaining. I always love to learn about history and politics. But at the same time I am very sad because I have just learned terrible news … I didn’t know that the PRI was that violent.

        The one thing I do not get is. Why did people vote for the PRI?

      • Because thy bought votes, because there were a lot of bribes, there were many votes who were changed to PRI instead of PRD (leftist party) and because many, MANY women in Mexico think that Peña Nieto is gorgeous, hot handsome etc…, and because his wife, is a soap opera actress

      • And silly me always thought that Mexico was a more or less functioning democracy all those years. (Gosh! I read all day but still I don’t know anything about the world …) OK, now you got me. I will delve into Mexican politics as soon as I find the time. I teach US-American Literature and Culture at university and perhaps I can give a class on the reception of Mexican politics in the USA. That way, I would get payed for my efforts …

        Btw, I agree with the women of Mexico. Peña Nieto is gorgeous, hot and handsome … but this is politics, not a Mister Mexico contest … 😦

        Btw, I am a lefty too. Our own dear Angie would never get my vote. Btw, what do the Mexicans think about Germany? Are we noticed in your country at all?

      • That is what many people think but statistics (and in particular economic statistics) are deceptive. We have many obscenely rich people here who get more obscenely rich every day without doing anything (money automatically begets more money) whereas most people find it increasingly difficult to make ends meet, even if they have two or three jobs!
        We need a revolution, but not an instititionlised one … 😉
        But I won’t complain because I think that I am quite privileged to live in Germany in these times despite all obvious faults and deficiencies …

      • Yeah I agree with you, nowadays rich people get richer, poor people get poorer.
        Yes you are really privileged! We see Germany more or less as a perfect society, and we Mexicans think that in around 200 years we will be like Germany hahaha

      • LOL Good night, dear MyED … and never forget that there are important aspects to life quality other than economic success. Germany is a terribly cold country sometimes if we talk society. Personally, I definitely prefer Southern Europe in that respect. I felf most at home when I lived in Turkey, Italy, France, Spain and Malta, which is my favourite country in the world because it perfectly blends everything that is good about Northern Europe and everything that is good about the Mediterranean … and Turkey of course, where I grew up. (I am 75 % German and 25 % French though … but my parents decided to do the guest worker thing the other way round and moved to Istanbul in the 70s … I love them to bits.) 🙂

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