Countdown to Sweden: Riga 2003!

We are already looking forward to the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Sweden, so in the remaining time we will be reviewing the 10 previous contest, so we start with the 48th Eurovision Song Contest, held in Riga, Latvia, after Marie N won the 2002 contest in Tallinn. This was the last contest to take place in just one night.


This year saw Ukraine’s debut, Ukraine is one of the most successful countries in Eurovision. 6 countries returned to the competition, they were: Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Portugal, and 5 countries pulled of Eurovision, they were Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Macedonia and Switzerland. This was also the fifth time in the history of the contest (including 1956) that no returning artists or acts were featured. All artists taking part in the contest this year did it for the first time.

In the media…

The pre-contest favourites, Russia’s t.A.T.u, attracted much media attention. Among the other noteworthy contestants were Alf Poier, an outspoken comedian representing Austria; Ich Troje, who attempted to represent two countries; and F.L.Y., a trio of musical veterans representing the host country.

The United Kingdom’s last-place finish was greeted with much consternation in the British media. Terry Wogan, long-time commentator on the contest for the BBC, said that the UK was suffering from “post-Iraq backlash”.

Participating Countries and Results

Here is a recap of all the songs performed on the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest

The contest was won by Sertab Erener from Turkey with “Everyway That I Can” The voting saw a close fight for the victory between Sertab,  Belgium’s Urban Trad and Russia’s t.A.T.u, in the end Sertab won, Urban Trad came second and t.A.T.u. came third.

The top 10 countries; Turkey, Belgium, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Iceland, Ireland & Romania automatically qualified for the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest Final held in Istanbul, Turkey.


The contest was held in the Latvian capital city of Riga. The venue was “Skonto Hall”. In December 2002, LTV announced that the contest would be hosted by Marie N, alongside Renars Kaupers, the lead singer of Brainstorm, the Latvian representatives at the 2000 contest.

Full Contest


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