Latvia responds on withdrawal!

Irene Gruzite, Latvian head of delegation in the Junior Eurovision contests, has explained why Latvia had made decision to not take part in the upcoming contest in Amsterdam.

“We won’t participate in Junior Eurovision this year. What’s the reason? We live in poverty and didn’t save money up. It’s difficult to say if we’ll return in 2013. For example, we also make weekly TV-programme for children. With the money which are necessary to spend for participating in the Junior Eurovision we can produce it for one year – with 4 actors, scenario writer’s service and fairy-tale as performance. It’s very large expenses for only one annual live broadcast.

It’s difficult to find sponsors for children. If we live better, we will participate. Lack of money is only reason. We haven’t any another stumbling blocks. Estonians made a decision not to participate in Junior Eurovision straight away. As for us, we aren’t up to scratch with adults’ Song Contest financially. If you need to make a choice between Junior and grown-ups’ Eurovision, of course, you will choose adults’ because of bigger ratings and larger interest of auditorium.

In 2011 San-Marino gave up at the last moment. Because when EBU told them how much money participant had to spend…” Gruzite said.

Last year Latvia was represented in Yerevan by Amanda Bashmakova who came last.


8 comments on “Latvia responds on withdrawal!

  1. Am not really a fan of Junior Eurovision. Just not my thing.

    BTW Am not sure if you know but the Irish viewing figures have now been released for this year’s contests.
    The first semi final on Tuesday featuring Jedward was 527,000 topping RTE 2’s rankings for that week, while the second semi final on Thursday was watched by 144,000 people ranking 5th for the week’s viewing figures.
    The Grand Final on the Saturday was watched by 724,000 people topping the rankings for RTE 1 for that week.
    Although down on last year’s viewing 15 year high figures, they are still very good for RTE (advertising revenue will have been very good for the station over the three shows) and prove once again that it was money well spent.

  2. Sadly…! If Macedonia and Moldova will confirm their participation, then 10 country will be in the contest, but it is not enough for JESC! Sooo, bye Junior Eurovision Song Contest!!! ):

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