Ireland: Jedward cost RTE €240,000!

The participation fees for Ireland were a total of €240,000 with a big deal of money spent by the delegation in Baku. All the Irish delegation which was sent to Baku consisted on 17 people who were in charge of Jedward’s second participation in Europe’s favorite TV Show.

Sinn Fein’s Martin Ferris said the expenses paid by RTE to send the twins to Baku were “inexcusable”, and added that €60,000 for hotel rooms is “more than most people’s yearly wage. Do they really need 19 people to go?”. RTÉ defended the cost, saying that “there is always a great demand for Eurovision from the Irish public. It was definitely value for money”- and at an average cost of just under €37,000 for each of the seven hours of television Eurovision provided RTÉ with, it seems like one of their cheaper productions of the year.

Tell us your opinion, was that quantity money that necessary?


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