Bulgaria: Former Eurovision contestants to take part in Sofia Gay Pride!

The 5th Sofia Gay Pride Parade will take part on June 30th, 4 days to go. Former NF and Eurovision contestants will take part on this parade they are:

  • Maria Ilieva (Host EuroBGvision 2011)
  • Orlin Pavlov (Host EuroBGvision 2011)
  • Sofi Marinova (Eurovision 2012)
  • Poli Genova (Eurovision 2011)
  • Tsvetelina Chendova (EuroBGvision 2011)

The Sofia Pride is a combination of socio-political protest and entertainment elements. The main objectives of the event is to increase the visibility of the LGBT community to support public debate on its adoption. The event will be attended by European politicians, diplomats, Bulgarian and international organizations and, of course, thousands of ordinary Bulgarians who want to live in a society free from homophobia. The full schedule of the events can be found here.

Many Bulgarian civilians will also join the gay pride, they will be those who are done with the homphobic people and all the discrimination towards other people.

As our dear Sofi Marinova said:

“Любовта няма граница, език и цвят!”

“Lyubovta nyama granitsa, ezik i tsvyat!”

“Love has no limit, color nor language!”

Talking about her:

My opinion:

I’m really happy that something like that will be held in Bulgaria, love hasn’t rules at all, and discrmination towards these people is just no sense! How can someone can be mean to someone just for his/her preferences, if you are allowed to love, they are as well, no matter the gender or any other things! 😀



3 comments on “Bulgaria: Former Eurovision contestants to take part in Sofia Gay Pride!

  1. I knew that there was a reason that Poli and Sofi were my favorite Bulgarian representatives. 😉
    More importantly and seriously, I think it’s great that they’re pushing for acceptance and equality for all. “Love Unlimited,” indeed.

  2. Sofi rules! Respect each other and celebrate diversity!
    I hope that everyone attending will have a great time!

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