United Kingdom confirms for 2013!

The BBC are set to be quite disappointed with the result achieved in this years’ edition of the Eurovision Song Contest having decided on sending the world renowned superstar Engelbert Humperdinck with the song Love Will Set You Free which unfortunately finished in twenty-fifth position with just twelve points in total. Despite all of this though, the viewing figures were still quite high but not as much as they were in 2011 when the United Kingdom were represented by the group Blue and the song I Can which finished in eleventh position and amassed a big audience for the broadcaster. It seems that according to the local tabloids that they will be returning back to a national final type of formula so that the result achieved in the long term would not be blamed fully on the BBC with the public having a say in the final pick.

So now the total number of participants is 20, and also now that the UK’s confirmed its participation there is no country that is likely to withdraw, sadly I expect that the country that is rumored to withdraw every single year will be likely this year, you know who I’m talking about.


9 comments on “United Kingdom confirms for 2013!

  1. That is great news! Let’s only hope that the UK will send something good or at least decent for a change. It has been a while … more than 10 years. 😦

    Good luck!

  2. This comes as no surprise to me. 🙂

    P.S. I: Portugal will most probably be in Sweden with yet another song in Portuguese that most people will overlook. We’re used to it. Curiously enough, to my knowledge, ‘Euphoria’ is not a commercial success around here.

    P.S. II: I like the new layout of the site.

  3. If the BBC would use a more high profile and well advertised national final, with heats, in a prime time slot, they might attract some decent artists and writers. But I fear it will be back to a low profile, poorly put together single show, at a time when most people aren’t even watching. I hope that I am completely wrong!

    • That is not true IMO, imo if will be nf with more heats nobody of popular singer and known would take part and waste time in that and then to loose in the end! That is totally waste of time for some popular and known who earns a lot of money..

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