Ukraine: Finalists for Junior 2012 announced!

NTU the Ukrainian broadcaster has announced the names of the 21 finalists for the upcoming edition of Junior Eurovision. The final of the Ukrainian national selection will take place on July 8th in Artek.

The finalists are:

  • Sofiya Tarasova
  • Duet “Radiosimya”
  • Tetyana Gulyk
  • Anastasiya Petrik
  • Band “Kapriz-Juniors”
  • Polina Andreyeva
  • Victoriya Kobzar
  • Anastasiya Baranovska
  • Show Band “Akva-Brand”
  • Nikita Kiosse
  • Irina Ebralidze
  • Elena Gernega
  • Anna Priymak
  • Anna Kartashova
  • Band “ExSportize”
  • Tetyana Sevchuk
  • Inna Prichepiy
  • Solomiya Katerynchuk
  • Tetyana Myza
  • Tetyana Marchuk
  • Elena Gregori

NTU received 60 submissions and a professional jury selected the best 21. You can find more information about the Ukrainian national final here.



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