Czech Republic: Return in 2013?

The Czech Republic is probably the country that is more rumored to return to the contest, lately. The Czech Republic is the worst performing country in the Eurovision Song Contest, with 2 last places and 1 second last place, after achieving nul points in 2009, CT decided to give up and decided not to take part in the 2010 edition. Today we are looking forward to the 2013 edition, will Czech Republic finally return? Only time will say.

In 2011 CT had a new director and he said that he will strengthen relations with the EBU and giving Eurovision another go, maybe the Czech Republic will return to the 2013 edition after denying all rumors surrounding a 2012 participation.

CT is not viewed by many Czechs as a good broadcaster, and is not viewed by a younger audience, fact that concerns CT, maybe if they return to Eurovision and achieve good results they will gain more viewers, the fact that CT is not the most viewed channel in the country could affect the Czech Republic’s future in Eurovision because CT said that they would return only if Czechs wanted to.

If you want Czech Republic to return next year join the Twitition  here. Sweden wants to host the best Eurovision ever, Czechs must be there too!


5 comments on “Czech Republic: Return in 2013?

  1. It would be great if the Czech Rep. returned next year. Please come back! 🙂

    Btw, I really liked their 2007 and 2009 songs. On the other hand, their 2008 song is among my 10 least favourite ESC songs ever.

  2. I really liked Czech Rep. 2009. I wasn’t a big fan of either 2007, and I hated 2008. I’d like to see the Czech Republic give it another go though, see where it leads.

  3. I dislike all of their songs, 2009 is VOMITIVE! The biggest crap in ESC, I hope they come back with smth normal, ordinary and modern, you see they vote for these kind of entries in ESC the most, so they should send smth like that to represent them when their ppl vote for normal, radio friendly and cool modern songs, it’s really ridiculous to send while you know even before ESC that garbage like that will receive BIG 0 points 9I’m sure everybody in Europe knew before ESC, especially in Czech Republic that they will get BIG FAT 0, IT WAS SO OBVIOUS), it’s waste of time money and everything else TBH..but hopefully in this hard economic period nobody has money to waste LIKE THAT! :/

    I really hope next year will be maximum number of non ethnic songs and in English, I hope many radio friendly entries from all around Europe and more RnB!

  4. We won’t come back anytime soon. CT already said via emails to fans that there will be no Czech participation in 2013.

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