Bulgaria: Survey for country’s next participation in Eurovision!

BNT in cooperation with OGAE Bulgaria, has opened a survey in order to receive suggestions for Bulgaria’s participation in Eurovision 2013.

What will Bulgaria send next year depends on you! Send them to

1. What style of song do you expect from Bulgaria in 2013?
a.) Fast dance pop song;
b.) Ballad with ethnic elements;
c.) Ballad in American / Western European type;
d.) Ballad with rock elements;
f) Rock;
f.) Jazz, soul, alternative;
g.) Fast song with ethnic elements;
h.) Other (please state);

• Answer:

2. [Open response] Which Bulgarian artist is most well-known or famous to you? What impresses you about their work? Note the artist’s songs that you think are appropriate for „Eurovision“.

• Answer:

3. [Open response] Which Bulgarian song has left the most lasting mark in your mind? What impresses you about it?

• Answer:

4. [Open response] Specify the best Bulgarian entry that did not qualify to the Eurovision Song Contest final.

• Answer:

5. Which language should Bulgarian entries to the Eurovision Song Contest be performed in?

a.) Bulgarian;
b.) English;
c.) Bilingual combination of Bulgarian and English;
d.) Other;

• Answer:

6. [Open response] List any flaws you think affected the song and stage presentation from the list below; 
a.) „Lorraine“ (2005);

• Answer:
b.) „Let me cry“ (2006);

• Answer:
c.) „Dj, take me away“ (2008);

• Answer:
d.) „Illusion“ (2009);

• Answer:
e.) „Angel si ti / You’re angel“ (2010);

• Answer:
f.) „Na inat“ (2011);

• Answer:
g.) „Love Unlimited“ (2012);
• Answer:

7. [Open response] Arrange the following elements of the song presentation in order of importance: choreography, vocal performance, lighting, camera angels and stage effects (graphics, pyro effects, etc..). You can add more elements at your own discretion.

• Answer:

8. [Open response] Specify up to 5 songs that have impressed you most in „Eurovision“ between 2005 and 2012.

• Answer:

9, [Open response] Which performances in  „Eurovision“ between the period 2005 to 2012 do you consider as the best in terms of production design and visual presentation?

• Answer:

Note the following additional information for you:

– Under 16 years;
– 16-20 years;
– 20-30 years;
– 30-45 years;
– Over 45 years;

• Answer:
Name: / 
Country: /
Musical preferences: /


4 comments on “Bulgaria: Survey for country’s next participation in Eurovision!

      • Sofi Marinova because I had become interested in her work after her earlier participations in the Bulgarian NF. She still is the most interesting Bulgarian singer I know because there is a lot of variety in her music. 🙂
        As a consequence I chose her even if she represented Bulgaria this year.

  1. I will do this poll for sure, GREAT, I will choose American ballad/Western European style, I want RnB ballad actually…

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