Head of 1FLTV talks to Eurovision Diary!

Peter Kölbel, head of the Liechtensteiner broadcaster, 1FLTV has told us via mail that the broadcaster is still waiting for funding.

 “Still waiting for funding, The decision should come this June” Mr. Kölbel said.

So we have to wait until the end of this month to know if this tiny principality will join the contest in 2013, something that is left is that the EBU approves 1FLTV as full member in order to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Best of luck Liechtenstein!


3 comments on “Head of 1FLTV talks to Eurovision Diary!

  1. If we ignore the Vatican and the highly disputed Kosovo for the moment, Liechtenstein is the only independent European country that has never participated in ESC. It would be awsome if they made it a full house historically.

    P. S. If you join, please participate at least 3 times. I do not need another country to spoil my statistics. Morocco makes a mess of every list because I loved their 1980 song. You need at least 3 to form a reasonable average.

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