Introducing: Logo and Rules of Eurovision Battle 2013!

You may think it’s too soon to begin to talk about Eurovision Battle, but this year we are planning something big, and big things require long preparations.

First we would like to present you the new rules:

  • You may vote for your favorite country once.
  • Last year, you could vote for 2 countries on the semifinals and the final, this year it will be one.
  • In case of a tie the tied countries will go to an extraordinary round.
  • Polls will be opened every 2 days.
  • The countries won’t be drawn by luck, participating countries will be divided on blocks they will be: Scandinavian Block, Baltic Block, Former Yugoslav Block, Balkan block, Former Soviet block, Visegrad Block, Germanic Block, UK & Ireland, Caucasian Block and the Mediterranean Block. As the official participants list is yet to be published blocks may vary.

And finally here is the logo of Eurovision Battle 2013, the logo is independent from the official Eurovision logo.


17 comments on “Introducing: Logo and Rules of Eurovision Battle 2013!

  1. It seems that 90s beat is “IN” again, Loreen won with totally 90s beat!

    New hit in Serbia – Natasa Bekvalac – “Pozitivna”, also 90s beat:

    Maybe for ESC next year for Serbia 9in English preferably)!! GREAAT! :-*

      • Don’t worry, we will never send smth modern even in Serbian language, RTS doesn’t have money to pay to somebody who writes modern songs in country or abroad (they have but that don’t want to pay) 😦 I read in newspapers next year we will send modern, but those are only wishes of some ppl who don’t have power to decide and do so, some ppl ho were impressed by Loreen and want to compete with smth similar next year!

      • Hi Jack, I’m OK, but quite busy, hope you are doing fine… and Jack don’t be like Lina from Cyprus, my name is MarKo, not MarCo! LOOOL 😀 😉

  2. I see; I suppose my country will be joining the Mediterranean block. I’ll be voting for the songs I like the most regardless of the country they come from. Let’s hope that the 2013 crop will be a good one. 🙂

  3. I read in our newspapers yesterday that next year we will also send modern! I hope those rumors will be truth, they saw that with old fashioned ballads in Serbian language you can’t win anymore, you need to have like Sweden! I hope next year they will do as much as possible to come close to Swedish quality, they have to pay to somebody more if they want that, thus I doubt that will happen, because RTS won’t pay that much for ESC! 😦

  4. I see, Marko. Swedish quality?! ‘Euphoria’ won, because Loreen performed it. The song itself is noting to write home about, Anyway, we will always disagree about these things. 🙂

    • Hmmm, but that Loren needed 4 backing singers to hide behind the stage, otherwise it won’t sound that good with echo and all effects which make that song modern..

      • Well, Marko, the song did not exactly sound modern to me, but I see your point. I am so glad to know that Serbia will not send somethning like that. I think ‘Caroban’ is more modern than ‘Euphoria’.

  5. I’m also curious to see If Portugal will stay next year with old recipe or will try different this Serbia they will probably go for uptempo, but I hope not like “Caroban”, if uptempo goes for Serbia that must be somebody popular our diaspora can vote for, otherwise it will struggle to qualify like “Caroban”!

    • I have no idea as to what my country will be sendind in 2013 or even if RTP will be joining the fray (one of the channels, RTP 1 or 2, will be privatised next year). Choosing a song likely to be voted by a country’s diaspora is enough proof of how wrong the televote is working. I am not going down that road now, I am just too tired for that. Good night. 🙂

  6. Interesting, and of course, this makes me wonder how the results would have been with only the ability to vote for only one country. Pretty close to the same, I bet.

  7. Off topic and for those who are interested: I have finished my 2012 rankings and put my commented list on my profile page.

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