Romania confirms for 2013!

Dan Manoliu, Romanian head of delegation has revealed on an interview given to Romanian newspaper Evenimentul Zilei, that TVR  will send a Romanian entry for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, which is not a surprise due to high ratings.

“The first time I went to the Eurovision Song Contest was in 2000, when Taxi represented Romania in Stockholm. And now we are heading back to Sweden.” Dan Manoliu said.

“The Eurovision Song Contest participation is a must. Romania couldn’t get a better promo as it received during our stay in Baku. TVR is very happy because of the very good ratings.” Manoliu added.


8 comments on “Romania confirms for 2013!

  1. I expected Romania to confirm and I hope that they will select a song I can support. It has been a while, 2003 to be precise.

    Good luck!

      • I utterly detested it … but my sis had it in first place and I love her dearly nevertheless. If I had to pick a post 2003 Romanian favourite, I would go for Todomondo, I guess. I respect Romania for sending songs in different styles though (can you hear me, Greece?!?!?!). It is quite surprising that in all the variety they have sent there is nothing to match my taste.

  2. “Playing with fire” was probaly my favourite in the very weak year of 2010. I really like Tornerò too, but like togravus I completely dislike the lyrics in it. I would have appreciated it better if he just sung bla bla bla in the verses.

    • “Like when was together in that dream that could’ve been so right, hey
      Like when was together in that dream that could’ve been so right …” ♫♪♫

      “I’m feeling your dutch on my face …” ♪♫♪

      La la LOL

  3. UK, Romania and Sweden can win every year if they send what they have, their singers and songwriters have more than 200.000.000 views on YT (several of them), but those artist will never ever come close to ESC! OF COURSE! LOL 😀

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