Greek reporter asks Kaliopi why she didn’t used “FYROM” on a press conference!

During the Eurovision weeks, on a press conference Kaliopi referred to her country as Macedonia, and a Greek reporter asked her why she didn’t used “FYROM” at the press conference. Kaliopi didn’t answered on a bad way, she kept her dignity and honor, see her reaction below!

I love that MACEDONIAN woman!


16 comments on “Greek reporter asks Kaliopi why she didn’t used “FYROM” on a press conference!

    • It is the old Macedonian flag (1992-1995) showing the Vergina Sun. Since the Vergina Sun is a WIPO protected Greek state symbol, (FYR) Macedonia had to change its flag.

      That reporter is so silly, and Kaliopi is fantastic as always. And doesn’t Greece have more urgent problems than its northern neighbours name atm???

      • I Know! I agree with you, both about Kaliopi’s reaction and the Greek problems, right now they should focus in their OTHER problem, not in a foreign country’s name 😉

      • Gosh…. those are silly problems…. i just saw the video, and Kaliopi is fantastic!! She didn’t answer to his question, and started dancing!!! LOL!!! I love her!! 😛

    • The problem is that Greeks made Macedonia to change it’s name and it’s flag, Imagine, you that are Ecuadorian, Colombia’s flag and yours are almost the same, imagine that Colombia forces Ecuador to change it, or even worse, in Africa there is a country called Equatorial Guinea, imagine that they force Ecuador to change it’s name to Former Spanish Colony of Ecuador, that would be so bad! 😦

      • Belgium has a province called Luxembourg but the Luxembourgers have naver made a fuss.

      • Don’t worry, Haruna, I would make anything to stop Colombia forcing Ecuador change it’s flag!! 😛 Colomba and Ecuador have to be together, because – for example – they have the same flag!! And we know that this is not gonna happen; I’m Colombian, and I know Colombians wouldn’t make that!! 😉

        But I’m very pissed off with Greece… making (FYR) Macedonia change it’s name…? That’s what we called rivalry, but we know that some people (e.g.Kaliopi) are not rival at all between each other…. just see the video!!!

  1. Things are not as simple as may seem to foreigners.Our northern neighbours can call their country whatever they want and use whatever symbol on their flag as long as they don’t insult or claim another’s country history…Honestly Great Alexander ( who they claim as well ) spoke Ancient Greek a language that has nothing to do with the language spoken in FyR of Macedonia nowadays ( slavic oriented ).
    Greek 1995 eurovision entry summarises it all.Sorry for going politic but I honestly find most of the comments here extremely unfair towards my country!

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