Germany confirms for 2013!

Germany is the 16th country to confirm it’s participation at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

This news were confirmed by the Official German Eurovision Website Dates of national final, and the national final are yet to be announced.


4 comments on “Germany confirms for 2013!

  1. There never was a doubt that we would participate. After all Germany would be the only country having participated in all contests if Leon hadn’t missed the televised final in 1996. 😦 Well, to be honest, he did not deserve to make it onto the Oslo stage.

      • 29 countries wanted to compete in 1996 but the EBU had set a limit of 22 participants for that year. Consequently, studio versions of all songs were sent to juries in all 29 countries, and the juries awarded points ESC style to the songs based on the studio version. The lowest ranking 7 countries missed ESC that year. Germany was one of them, as was Kaliopi, who was thankfully revenged this year. Hungary, Denmark, Russia, Israel and Romania missed the final too.
        Finally, the fact that Germany missed the final led to the implementation of the BIG 4 (now BIG 5) rule. Ratings in Germany dropped dramatically, and the EBU realised that ESC needs certain countries to be in the final every year in order for the contest to survive.

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