France confirms for 2013!

France has also confirmed that they will be present at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden.

This was announced during an interview with, France is quite disappointed by the result achieved by Anggun, but they wont quit Eurovision anyway.

Thierry Langlois, programme director at France 3, said that there are two reasons why France is not withdrawing

  1. France is an EBU founding member, and of the Eurovision Song Contest as well
  2. The audience of Saturday’s final was 4,000,000 people, which is satisfactory for France 3.

Also Langlois said:

Actually, what we might do is change our attitude towards the type of artist we present. Quite frankly, we can not afford known personalities to suffer such setbacks. Therefore, we will now play the card of young talent and organise the promotion of this novelty for Eurovision.

7 comments on “France confirms for 2013!

  1. Their last two entries were pretty weak imo but France is still one of my favourite ESC countries. Please, get back on track!

    Bonne chance!

    • But Amaury’s live vocals were a total mess! 😦

      I liked the red convertible in the video. That’s it …

      • LOL!! I think the background was cool for Sognu, clouds and that kinda stuff… but I can say the live vocals weren’t as much as the video ones (in fact, all of the songs are better in the video than in live!!!)

  2. SamsMichael

    Not all songs. Some songs are better live, this year’s winner f. e. or Kaliopi’s ‘Crno i belo’ or Rona’s ‘Suus’. In fact, everything that is more art than entertainment is better live than in video imo because a live performance can never be repeated or reproduced in an identical way. For those interested, check Walter Benjamin’s essays on the aura of art which can only unfold if art is present. 🙂

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