UK likely to withdraw!

The BBC is facing calls to pull out of the Eurovision Song Contest after another night of humiliation in which Engelbert Humperdinck finished second from bottom.

Out of 42 countries, only four – Ireland, Latvia, Belgium and Estonia – awarded any points to the UK. Humperdinck ended with just 12 points on a night which revived allegations of political voting from the member nations.

British viewers flooded websites and social networking sites with calls for the BBC to quit the contest. They included Philip Schofield, the television presenter, who wrote on Twitter: “It’s time to pull out. Not even Robbie [Williams] could win it for us, it’s too political.”

Hundreds of viewers posted messages on the BBC website, many calling for the corporation to withdraw. “Enough is enough. The BBC must have better things to spend its money on,” said one.

“I am sorry but there is no way our entry deserved its low position. It was a real song without gimmicks sung by a real singer. The voting is a joke and totally predictable every year,” said another.



7 comments on “UK likely to withdraw!

  1. “Not even Robbie [Williams] could win it for us, it’s too political.”

    That is such a lame statement because there is no evidence to prove that this is true. Has the BBC sent a single contemporary star in the last 15 years? No! And even if they sent Robbie Williams, why should he automatically win? Perhaps another country would have a better or more popular entry.

    Anyway, I am confident that the BBC won’t withdraw. 🙂

    • I agree with this!

      Why he must automatically win because of his name? :S

      They really underrate artists from another, smaller countries all the time! Pffff… 😦

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