Ireland confirms for 2013!

Another country has confirmed it’s participation at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, this time it’s about Ireland.

Julian Vignoles, assistant commissioning editor for factual programmes at RTÉ, has said that Ireland will be competing in 2013. He also said that a potential change of approach to the contest will be discussed in the next few weeks. What exactly was meant with the change of approach, was not said by Vignoles.

We have a good list of countries already!


5 comments on “Ireland confirms for 2013!

  1. They have already made some jokes about their 3rd participation in a row!
    But in all jokes, 50% is truth! LOL 😀

    I certainly hope NOT!!

  2. I doubt it will be Jedward again ,even the Irish wouldn’t be so enamoured by that although RTE would be very happy with the viewing figures and advertising revenue I would suspect. Still, nice to see we’ve already pledged an entry for next year, we normally don’t make an announcement until the new year.
    Oh, and just to throw another slant on the whole block voting argument that comes around each year here’s a rather interesting little article

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