Spain confirms for 2013!

Shortly before Pastora’s departure to Baku, Carlos Monchales, Entertainment Programs Director of TVE stated that “Withdrawing of Eurovision is not an option for TVE”. “Now we have another budget, but we don’t plan to stop broadcasting the contest, we want it in our screens” he added.

And now that Pastora achieved 10th place is sure that we will have a Spanish entry at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.



10 comments on “Spain confirms for 2013!

  1. SIIII!!! Bien!! Gracias Pastora por esta dichosa posicion y por hacernos visualizar un posible numero uno dentro de poco!!

    YEES!!! GOOD! thank you Pastora for that gorgeous position and for making us realize that a number one position could be possible in early years!!

      • Yo creo que ya le toca a Barcelona, Madrid tuvo su oportunidad y lo hizo muy bien, pero Barcelona lo haría super bien…. aunque está en cataluña, y desafortunadamente tenemos a los independientes que odian a España y todo relacionado con ella asi que podría haber vandalismo, revuelta, chillidos….. y no es plan!! 😦

      • Si creo que ese es el único inconveniente, pero si es en España habría una posibilidad de que Andorra regresara, podra no tener los mejores resultados pero es una parte importante de Eurovisión

  2. @ Haruna, I am not negative but sad. 😦 Andorra is one of my favourite European counties, both in ESC and in real life. I go there at least twice every year, and my Andorran friends tell me that they will never return because Europe ignored them even when they sent very good songs (2005, 2007). 😦 (I would love to have a ‘smiley’ with a tear atm …)

  3. Andorra was criminal ESC country, all amateurs and borrowed singers from outside, why should I miss them? LOL 😀

    2005 I was laughing like crazy to that kitsch on the stage with half naked dancers and ULTRA ugly dress of MEDIOCRE singer! hahahaha if half naked dancers fitted tat song and performance, then i’m mugham singer! LOL 😀

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