Kyrgyzstan also broadcasted the Eurovision Shows!

The tiny central Asian country, Kyrgyzstan has also broadcasted the three Eurovision shows. The shows were broadcasted through OTRK, one of the most important channels in Kyrgyzstan, and the commentators were Elmar Osmonov and Aibek Akmatov.

As it’s more impossible that this country participates in Eurovision is nice that they are still interested, would you like to see them on Eurovision?

9 comments on “Kyrgyzstan also broadcasted the Eurovision Shows!

    • Because, dear Jack, the distance between Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan is of 3.622 km, and it borders china, so we had to accept china, so it wouldn’t be Eurovision, but Euro-Kyrgy-Chinvision…. or simply Worldvision!!!

  1. Kyrgyzstan broadcasted eurovision before, but it was showed by russian channels and and not all could watch eurovision. And i will be very happy if KG could participate! At this year we won at international song contest among the Turkic-speaking countries (Kyrgyzstan, Turkiye, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan…). I think we have a chance to participate and win ESC
    SamsMichael, China isn’t interested in ESC because they participate at asiavision.

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