Armenia returns to Eurovision!

The tiny caucasian country withdrew for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest and was sanctioned by the EBU and despite that, they have announced their comeback to Eurovision! Welcome Back!

AMPTV the Armenian broadcaster has stated: “Armenia will be on the list of participants of Eurovision 2013”.

Armenia debuted at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest and has only failed to qualify once with Emmy in 2011, their latest participation.


22 comments on “Armenia returns to Eurovision!

    • It’s not a good country, i know, but it makes the contest bigger!!! I wish the year that all countries that one participated on ESC (maybe not Morocco because it was only once) participate in the same year!!! It would be fantastic!!

    • *ducks head in shame*
      I actually really like Armenia in Eurovision.
      I loved 2006, 2009, and 2010.
      I liked 2008 and 2007.
      I found myself finding a guilty pleasure in 2011.

      They go against everything that is my taste (except 2009, which is entirely my taste), but I still find a way to love them.

      • I really do not! I find them very low quality entries in all aspects, but ALL RIGHT, I respect you! 😀 🙂

        Give e your male, when i finish some exams we can talk about Ex Yugoslavia places you were interested earlier, in private.. 🙂

      • @Haruna:

        Indeed. “Jan Jan” is one of the higlights of Eurovision to me. It was my second-favorite song of Eurovisions 2000-2009, and it’s still in or near my all-time top 10 list that I still have yet to compile.

  1. @Marko:
    Like I said, I hang my head in shame. I should be ashamed that I like all of these entries except 2009 (and maybe 2010). All the songs except those two I recognize as low-quality songs, as well. I just can’t help but like them though. xD

    And, all right. I’m going to give you my junk email here, and I’ll give you my conversation email from my junk. (Sorry for the less-convenient way, but I don’t want random people emailing my important email address.) Here’s the first email:

    allidapiri @

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