Analysis: Results of yesterday’s final!


Well, Loreen won, I’m happy about that and I admit that we all saw this coming, and I think that a fantastic song won, really deserved it. Now we look forward for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden!


The Babushkas came second I’m not surprised, I even thought that they will be fighting with Loreen for the trophy. The performance was really cool and I think that they achieved 2nd place not because of the professionalism or the quality of the song but the appearance and the charm of the grannies.


I think that Zeljko really deserved to be in Top 3 because of the performance and the song, both were amazing. In the middle of the voting I thought that Zeljko could win Loreen and go to Belgrade instead, but then Zeljko began to receive slow amounts of points and Loreen the 12.


Well since 2009 Azerbaijan has always been on Top 5 which is really good for them, and this year they came with a very good song performed in a spectacular way that totally deserved to be in the top 5. Well done hosts, not only for your result, also because of the show you gave us!


I’m thrilled about Rona, really, I wished her best of luck, but even though she didn’t won, I’m satisfied, relaxed and happy for her. VERY WELL DONE RONA! Note that Albania got it’s better placing since 2004, when Anjeza Shahini came 7th. And talking about the performance I’m SPEECHLESS, I’m still totally amazed, she sang REALLY well, I would like to see her again on Eurovision!


This year Estonia sent a talented singer with a beautiful ballad, and Estonia achieved a well deserved 6th place, equaling Urban Symphony on 2009. Eesti Laul has brought good spots to Estonia lately! I’m also happy for Ott, his performance was quite simple but for me it was breathtaking for the way he sang.


I didn’t expected Turkey to reach the Top 10, even though the song is funny and the performance went well, I wasn’t convinced that Turkey would reach top 10, but I’m happy for Can and Turkey, well done!


In the voting, Germany came out of the darkness first, they were only awarded with few amounts of points and before I realized Roman was on Top 10! Well done! This decade has been really successful for Germany! I would really like to see Eurovision again on Germany!


I’m sad because this was my favorite entry of this contest, and I think that Nina deserved and still deserves a higher spot because her performance was really good, it had some details but I don’t care! Anyway I’m happy that she didn’t disappointed me, I expected Top 10 minimum and that is what she got, for me she is the winner!


Well, I saw Eurovision through TVE International and the Spanish commentator José María Iñigo was thrilled every single time that Pastora was awarded points, he said Hombre! Hombre! Hombre! Gracias!, I was excited too, because now that hosting Eurovision isn’t that good for Spain I wished them 2nd place. Well done Pastora, you blow my living room apart with your singing! Well Done! 😀


Though I expected a lower place for Moldova, I wasn’t mad or sad to see them on 11th place because even though the song is not the best the performance is funny and really inivting. Well done!


I expected top 10 for Romania, because Elena sang really well and the rest of Mandinga also did really well, but 12th is still good. I really like Zaleilah, and I think I will continue listening it for many years! Well done!


I really wanted Macedonia on top 5, but now I see she didn’t reached top 10 even. Kaliopi was breathtaking tonight, she and her band kicked butts! for real! I love her voice and I will continue listening to Crno I Belo for many years as well! Very, very well done Kaliopi!


The Singer is good, I would like this country to win and host Eurovision, but to be honest I expected less for Lithuania, even though Donny did really well, his voice was good, but the song is definitely not my cup of tea. Still, good job Donny!


Well, this song is funny, Gaitana has a beautiful and poweful voice and the performance was okay, but I think that Ukrainians may be disappointed because it’s their lowest ranking since 2005 with Green Jolly, also noting that they got 4th place last year. The song has the place it deserves but the country can do better, WAY better, anyway Congratulations!


I expected top 10 for Ivi even though the performance was based on Ivi and the dancers and it didn’t had pyrotechnic effects that would have accompanied Ivi well, the performance was really great I loved it and Cyprus got it’s better placing in the final for many years! Well done!


Uh, Oh, Greece lost it’s Top 10 record, but I was expecting them too, Aphrodisiac has it all to be in the Top 10 but a good choreography, it looked like they were having a heart attack, I know that Aphrodisiacs make you crazy but, this was just a performance, I still like this song and I will still listen to it for years, Good Luck in the next Eurovision Greece! 🙂

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Last night Maya sang really well, the performance was minimalist but perfect anyway, I expected that Bosnia will score more less between 20th and 13th and Maya scored 19th so I was right. Well Done Maya you did really well, I’m in love with your song!


To be honest, I don’t like Jedward but even though I expected a higher spot for them because despite Waterline is not as good as Lipstick they did really good. Well done Ireland!


I’m really disappointed with the result achieved by Iceland, but I saw this coming, the performance had something missing, Je Ne Sais Quoi, but there was something missing, also Jónsi didn’t did as well as Gréta there was a difference between the quality of their live performances. Better luck next time Iceland! I really like the style of the songs you send to Eurovision!


The performance was AWESOME, despite I didn’t like the song at the beginning, after the semifinal it has grown significantly on me, now I see me listening to it for years! Well done Kurt, Well done Malta, you must be proud anyway!


The song was among my favorites but the performance was empty, the semi naked dancers didn’t worked at all and Anggun’s voice wasn’t that good, I was really focused on Eurovision in Paris but, I think we will have to wait a bit longer. France I know that you have achieved disappointing results lately, but please STAY in Eurovision, if you withdraw you will take a very important piece of Eurovision, please go to Sweden!


I expected Soluna to achieve a better result but I don’t know if something went wrong today or yesterday but her performance was lovely. Better luck next time Denmark! And well done, for me you are one of the best!


Well, despite the song is good in most aspects, I saw this coming because if you compare to the other performances it is really weak, like Kati Wolf’s last year, if they added effects or better background they would have achieved a better placing.

United Kingdom

WHAAAAAAAAT?? The UK brought that magnificent singer, song, and performance and the maximum they achieve is second to last? Nothing makes sense in this life, and BBC I know that is some ways you are getting tired of Eurovision but please don’t go! Better luck next time!


The last country I thought would come last, came last the bottom 5 is really strange, don’t you think? The performance was good, the song was good, Tooji was good but I think I know what was wrong, they had the same choreography as they did on MGP, we want something new people! I know, Loreen had the same choreography, but her choreography is something never seen before on Eurovision so it is still fresh!


17 comments on “Analysis: Results of yesterday’s final!

  1. I just got out of bed and I am going to try to get those wine stains off my shirt! Grrrr!

    Before doing that, I would like to say good morning and wish Togarvus a healthy brunch (with a few arrepiados :)).

    Thanks for the review, MED. One can clearly see you love ESC. We have that in common. I agree with almost everything. I just have to say that I understand why Tooji came last. He can’t sing that song. It was pretty obvious eveything was riding on his looks. The jurors and most televoters ignored him.

    These results prove that you have to know how to sing properly live to reach the top 10 and that has made my ESC day. Russia is the shameful (but expected) exception.

    The voting pattersn are alive and kicking. We shouted out loud the points before the announcer had the chance to do so. It was way too easy to predict too many points. Macedonia was the main victim of this system. Another thing: east votes for east, west for west, north for north and south for south (I am simplifying a bit). The EBU should try to change this.

    I am going to fight wine stains now.

    • You are welcome 🙂 and yes, I like Eurovision very much.
      And what you said about Macedonia, I think that Bulgaria is really affected too, because the Balkan countries vote for every country but Bulgaria. And I agree with you the EBU must change this

  2. Another gloriously sunny day here in Ireland. Quick chance to scan the sites and see the reactions. Thanks for the review and also for the great diary. You’ve kept me (and no doubt many of the others) entertained over the past few weeks and it’s been lovely. I think we had quite a bit in common for who we wanted to do well (Italy, Spain, Albania) and overall am fairly satisfied. The better singers and songs got rewarded (Russia and Turkey aside) and that made me happy. I ended up with 8/10 in my final predictions which wasn’t bad. So am off now out into the sunshine to catch some rays. 🙂

  3. I have made it a very brief birthday brunch but my friend understood that I was still in ESC mode. That’s what friends are for. 🙂

    Here is my final list for 2012. A commented version will come up in the next days (for those who are interested). I put my pre-contest rankings in brackets. As you can see, live performance matters a lot to me.

    1. Albania 12/12 (1)
    2. Estonia 12/12 (4)
    3. Macedonia 12/12 (10)
    4. Italy 12/12 (7)
    5. Azerbaijan 10/12 (9)
    6. Israel 10/12 (5)
    7. BiH 10/12 (2)
    8. Serbia 10/12 (12)
    9. Sweden 9/12 (20)
    10. Spain 9/12 (25)
    11. Iceland 9/12 (3)
    12. Finland 9/12 (11)
    13. Moldova 8/12 (14)
    14. Germany 8/12 (26)
    15. Croatia 8/12 (8)
    16. Turkey 8/12 (6)
    17. Hungary 7/12 (21)
    18. Latvia 7/12 (17)
    19. Romania 7/12 (27)
    20. Portugal 7/12 (16)
    21. Switzerland 7/12 (24)
    22. Bulgaria 6/12 (15)
    23. Montenegro 6/12 (22)
    24. Ukraine 6/12 (40!!!)
    25. Denmark 6/12 (13)
    26. Slovenia 6/12 (19)
    27. Belgium 6/12 (30)
    28. France 5/12 (28)
    29. Cyprus 5/12 (31) – Ivi is back where she started … I don’t know what happened on Tuesday
    30. Norway 5/12 (37)
    31. Malta 5/12 (36)
    32. United Kingdom 4/12 (23)
    33. Belarus 4/12 (29)
    34. Lithuania 4/12 (32)
    35. Netherlands 3/12 (18!!!) 😦 😦 😦 – such a nice song butchered live, both vocally and visually
    36. Ireland 3/12 (38)
    37. Georgia 2/12 (33)
    38. Greece 2/12 (39)
    39. Slovakia 1/12 (34)
    40. San Marino 1/12 (35)
    41. Russia 0/12 (41)
    42. Austria 0/12 (42)

    All in all it was a pretty strong year, and as many people have said, we got rid of almost all silly acts and bad songs in the semis. Unfortunately, the only really bad act that made it to the final came 2nd.

  4. @ My euroviison diary

    Nice review! 🙂
    And Loreen and Grannies deserved TOP2 they got points from 41/42 European countries! Grannies got even more points from Western Europe than Eastern! RESPECT grannies! 🙂
    And thanks for your work, i’m sorry if i was strange and a bit harsh sometimes, it’s part of me, but as Gaitana sings: “REMEMBER, JUST REMEMBER, I WISH YOU THE BEST”! 🙂

  5. My final top for Eurovision 2012:
    1. SWEDEN 12/12
    2. NORWAY 12/12
    3. ITALY 10/12
    4. GREECE 10/12
    5. CYPRUS 10/12
    6. AZERBAIJAN 10/12
    7. MALTA 10/12
    8. UKRAINE 10/12
    9. SPAIN 10/12
    10. ROMANIA 10/12
    11. IRELAND 10/12
    12. SWITZERLAND 8/12
    13. SLOVENIA 8/12
    14. FRANCE 7/12
    15. ESTONIA 7/12
    16. FYR MACEDONIA 7/12
    17. SERBIA 7/12
    18. HUNGARY 6/12
    19. ALBANIA 6/12
    20. MOLDOVA 6/12
    21. ICELAND 4/12
    23. PORTUGAL 4/12
    24. DENMARK 3/12
    25. AUSTRIA 3/12
    26. GEORGIA 3/12
    27. TURKEY 2/12
    28. BELGIUM 1/12
    29. GERMANY 1/12
    30. THE NETHERLANDS 1/12
    31. SLOVAKIA 1/12
    32. LATVIA 1/12
    33. CROATIA 1/12
    34. SAN MARINO 0/12
    35. LITHUANIA 0/12
    36. ISRAEL 0/12
    37. BULGARIA 0/12
    38. FINLAND 0/12
    39. BELARUS 0/12
    40. UNITED KINGDOM 0/12
    41. RUSSIA 0/12
    42. MONTENEGRO 0/12

    • Hi dear Alex! I love you so much my dear friend! 🙂

      You are my friend of the season definitely! 🙂

      Congratulations to your country on MAGNIFICENT show! i enjoyed everything, interval acts of your folklore were STUNNING! (Togravus say I’m negative for everything, the biggest hater on the Planet, but you see now how I’m negative ;))

      And I was so pleased with Azeri performance yesterday, my friend, my parents and me were listening Mugham singer with opened mouths! :O

      And you can see my nick which reflects the fact I’m still under impression! 🙂

      • Hiii, friend! 😉

        I am glad that you enjoyed our show…! 🙂 I also liked Sabina’s performance yesterday, and Mugham was just AMAZING…! And HVALA to Srbija for 3 point! 😀

        And you’re NOT negative! 😀 I love U sooo much! 😀

  6. @ Alex

    Hehehe, yes I was very happy we gave you 3 points! 🙂

    You didn’t give us points yesterday, but i know Zeljko Joksimovic was appreciated and welcomed in Baku a lot! 🙂

    • Yes, I waited 4 or 5 point for Serbia, but just 0! 😦 And I was in shock, when Azerbaijan gave 4 point to Lithuania!!! 😀

      This is really shame, Lithuania 14th, Norway last…! 😦

      • In future you will give us and we will give to you! 🙂
        Azerbaijan helped us with money to start building one highway in Serbia! 🙂

        But Lithuania gave you 12 points, so you had to give them some points! 😛 lol 😀 🙂

        I’m sad for Norway for you, but i didn’t like him very much, because he had seen many times before choreography! But I know you liked it!

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