Albania confirms for 2013!

Yesterday, around 700,000 people watched and supported Rona and saw her climbing until the 5th place, Albania’s best result ever. This audience has been the biggest that RTSH has got ever, so they and the country are satisfied.

Today, in the Sunday Morning Tv show E Diela Shqiptare many Eurostars attended, like Anjeza Shahini (2004), Olta Boka (2008) and Edmond Zhulali (composer)  and the head of RTSH Mirela Oktrova, discussed about Rona’s success, her song, “Euphoria” the winning entry, and Albania’s future in Eurovision, and it  was later announced by Ms. Oktrova that Albania will continue to participate in Eurovision!


4 comments on “Albania confirms for 2013!

  1. I hope that they will stick with the artistic and sophisticated approach that characterised Rona’s act. Being different in a classy way can lead to success after all.

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