As most of the viewers expected, Sweden won the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, Loreen got 372 points and was voted for 40 countries.

Russia came second with 259 points and Serbia came third with 219, and the top 5 was completed by Azerbaijan (4th) and Albania (5th).

Azerbaijan and the city of Baku have proven to be worthy hosts of Europe’s favourite TV show with a wonderful evening of entertainment put on by host broadcaster Ictimai Television. The show was opened in a very impressive fashion with a stunning fireworks display around the hall and amazing night time vistas of the Azerbaijani capital. This was followed by a very impressive display of Azerbaijani dancing in the hall after which last year’s winners Eldar and Nikki performed their winning entry Running Scared.

So the Eurovision Family is moving to SWEDEN! 😀

Stay tuned for our analysis tomorrow!

35 comments on “LOREEN WINS EUROVISION 2012 WITH 372 POINTS!

  1. Oh dear, my light green shirt is not very green atm. An incident involving wine happened. Albania 5th place?! My glass went up in the air and its content followed it. LOOOL

    Congratulations, Sweden! Loreen nailed it tonight! A good live singer won! Russia did not deserve that second place. Serbia, Azerbaijan and Albania (Rooooonaaaaa) made me happy. 🙂

      • So am I. 🙂 I am also very pleased to realise that good vocals were rewarded, despite the fact that the voting patterns are alive and kicking. Russia was the shameful exception. Acts like Greece, Cyprus and especially Ireland and Norway were left behind. Denmark was finally lost forgotten by the voters, even though she sang it well.

        P.S.: Rona’s sucess is amazing and will open the doors more out there performances one hopes.

      • And it was Tooji’s birthday. What a way to celebrate your 25th birthday =P I think Europe wasn’t fair with him.
        But I’m glad for Albania. It’s been too much pop and we all needed something different. I even cry when I hear Suus. I just shed some tears when the song is the best song ever (well, for me at least).

  2. I like TOP 4:

    1. Sweden
    2. Russia
    3. Serbia
    4. Azerbaijan

    GREAT TOP 4!

    I’m very sad for Denmark and AMAZING Soluna!!

    Kaliopi was AWESOME!

  3. MED, when I say that “Acts like Greece, Cyprus and especially Ireland and Norway were left behind” I mean taht they deserved what they got. Well, Greece and Cyprus deserved much less actually. Main conclusion: being able to sing live still counts heavily. 🙂 I have to go back now. See you all tomorrow.

  4. @ My euroviison diary

    Have you seen results for Sofi Marinova??????

    She was 11th and she had the same number of points as Tooji from Norway, but he passed and she stayed in semi! :@ 😦 :@ 😦

  5. @ Shevek

    Macedonia will never attract more points outside Ex Yugo, whatever they send, those are voting patterns… Portugal gave the least points to Loreen from all countries, Portugal didn’t like Loreen so much! 😀

    • I realise that, Marko. The same happens to Portugal. I’ve just put the the internet on the TV set and everybody is watching what I am writing now. They agree with you, Tooji was just occupying valuable space. You know there were votes ofr Sweden in mt house. Italy completely ignored Sweden. ‘Euphoria’ is not exactly the type of music that the Portuguese would vote for.

      • Also the same is in Serbia, but we gave 10 to Loreen and we gave 6 to Maya Sar which was truly shocking!! So I guess this time our jury liked Loreen the best, and they gave almost 0 to Maya Sar! :O and B&H didn’t give 12 to Zeljko but Kaliopi, it was also strange, but Bulgaria gave 12 to Zeljko and that is very strange, because Bulgarian and Macedonian language are almost the least you gave 12 to Spain traditionally! 😛

  6. @ Shevek and My euroviison diary

    Kaliopi was number one on the scoreboard after two countries voted, it was great to see Macedonia as number one then LOL 😀

    • The French act was a mess. She though that male nudity would give her votes. ESC fans know better than that. I am going off-line now, Marko. We´re moving the party to the kitchen (the best place to have a party, imo). I’ll be back tomorrow for the detailed semi finals’ results.

      • Hahhaha in the kitchen, you copy Babushki, you bake smth in the oven and then have PARTY FOR EVERYBODY! 😀 😛

        I’m sorry when i said smth bad to you these days! 😦

  7. What a fun night! Had a great time and the result was never really in doubt. Sweden was excellent and Loreen did an impressive performance. Russia was always going to be up there (fun but quite poor) and Serbia too. At least Spain and Italy (loved them both) made the Top 10 and also Germany who really won me over tonight. Azerbaijan was much improved with waily man turned down a bit so a great result for the hosts. Estonia also came across so well and rather touched me. Delighted for Albania, Rona did her best and got a very good top 5 place. Slightly disappointed with Ireland, but tbh the song never really did much for me and they did the best they could. Turkey didn’t warr3.ant a top ten finish imo (I just think other songs were better) but there you go. Happy some great singers were rewarded tonight. So on wards to Stockholm for 2013

  8. Hello everyone! 🙂

    Our party is still in full swing and thus I will only post a short comment. Congratulations to Sweden and Loreen! Her song was not my personal favourite but she was very strong tonight and is a worthy winner, and thus I voted “Yes, I am happy with tonight’s winner”. And Loreen will always hold a very special place in my heart because she prevented the grannies from winning. Sweden came 4th at the voting in our party, in which Estonia came 1st, Italy 2nd and Macedonia 3rd. Other very popular acts were Azerbaijan, BiH, Albania and Moldova.
    All in all (and if I forget the propaganda for a moment) it was a great show with many strong performances. I am delighted at how well Rona did but I am terribly disappointed with the result Italy got.

    Poor UK, but I predicted this result from day 1.

    Now I hope that ESC won’t be Björkamised but I have hope because even Lorren herself said that she preferred to perform with 100 % live vocals.

    Tomorrow morning I will be at a birthday brunch (very bad timing …). I will probably post a detailed reaction in the evening.

    @ Haruna, I sent an sms for Norway in your name but unfortunately it didn’t help Tooji.

  9. Yay! Such a great ending of this sunny day here in Sweden! Tackar ödmjukast hela Europa för alla poäng som ni gav oss! Vi ses nästa år!

    To say something about the rest: I’m very happy for Serbia, Albania and Estonia; all three were among my favourites. But I feel very sorry for poor Engelbert. And I did actually suspect Macedonia to do better.

    And finally; I’m not sure how Europe reacted when Sarah Dawn Finer delivered the Swedish points as her alter ego Linda Woodruff. Personally, I think it was a bit out of touch.

    Good night!

    • Our commentator was harsh to her, but I loved it, because she is always AMAZING to me! 😀 Thanks for 10 points! 😛 LOL

      Last year Dino Merlin stole all our points from Sweden, but this year we stole all Swedish points to B&H because Zeljko is more appreciated with Bosniaks and Serbs in Sweden than unknown Maya Sar like Dino Merlin was more appreciated than unknown Nina! 😛

  10. Well. I’m very proud of Loreen. Even though she didn’t make it to eurovision the first time she participated in MelodiFestivalen, she won this year and won ESC! You really deserve the 1 place, so many years with great songs and almost there, so many years waiting since Waterloo. Congratulations Sweden and congratulations Loreen!

    I thought last year hosting in Düsseldorf was impossible of beating. Such a wonderful host… I was wrong. This year I was thrilled with Azerbaijan and Baku, thank you for making you first hosting the best hosting of the history of ESC! But I really think the voting part was a bit boring…. we could have more movement, sounds…. anyway, the best hosting!!

    Now we have Sweden 2013 (maybe Stockholm?)! I’ve heard that the arena will be the same that the one of MelodiFestivalen…. they can have up to 65.000 people on there. WOW! And since the act Loreen showed us yesterday, I know the act will be just AMAZING!!

    Now that I’ve talked about Sweden and Loreen, I’m going to go to the non-winning countries that I really want to talk from:

    Nº 2 – Russia: The Grannies! They did really well, and they’re so cute and so nice that makes me fall in love with them!! But personally, I don’t really think that they deserve so high place. They were good, I know, and they reached top ten, but top 5 is for the BEST songs of ESC, and I think they are not the best. Other countries deserved that place… Anyway, top 10 for sure…maybe 6th?

    Serbia and Azerbaijan deserve those places!! Very good! 😀

    Nº5 – Albania: Ehh… not top 5 imo. It was a good ballad, I know, but many people here who didn’t litsen to the song before said “wow… what’s with the scream??” or “I don’t really like it… with a lot of screams!” and so on. I’m in between of very good, and awful. Rona’s voice is simply amazing and her expression when singing Suus was outstanding… but the song doesn’t fit for her. It’s strange… I wouldn’t qualify her as a top 5!!

    Estonia Great! Turkey… brief comment: not top ten!! And even for me, not qualifier to final. Other countries deserve that place much more than Can! Germany and Italy very good! I loved them! They deserved that places!! 😀

    Nº10 – Spain: Thank you. Thank you Pastora for returning the good spanish music to ESC. Thank you, Spain, for choosing Pastora as our representative. You did a great job, and even though we, the spaniards, expected higher place, we were sure that a top ten we would have… and we have it! Top 10 is very good for us!

    In the middle of the contest, the places are the wanted. Some countries, like B&H, Iceland and Cyprus could have done much better, but others, like Lithuania, were overrated.

    Nº26 – Norway: I’m really disappointing with Norway. At first, it was one of the favourite… no? Then it went slowly falling until be in this position. I think Bulgaria would have done much better! But well, the points are the points, and if people and jurors don’t like it, then that’s the decision.

    This year we had a GREAT ESC, with a clearly winner but many songs fighting for top ten! This was difficult, and I like it. The time of the freak songs of ESC is over, and now, the return of a real ESC begins!! Thank you!!

    • Hi my friend, I really enjoyed discussing with you this season! 🙂

      I’m sorry If I was harsh or strange sometimes..I have many problems, but generally I appreciate you a lot! 🙂

      Grannies received points from 41/42 countries in Europe, so I think it’s really fair place, they got even more points from western than eastern Europe! the same goes for Loreen…so they are fair TOP 2!

      • Hello! Don’t worry, we always have hard or difficult times… but thank you!!

        I don’t say I didn’t like the grannies, indeed, I like them a lot!! I just say it was shocking that 41/42 countries vote for them… 2nd place is very high, and I don’t say it was unfair, but for example I would have liked more Serbia in 2nd place. Anyway, I love the grannies!! And if they have to be in that place, it doesn’t make any harm!! 😀

    • I told you that Huruna! 😀 She almost beat Rybak with points!

      Your name is Huruna?

      Did you like Azerbaijan last night, and my country Serbia?

      • I liked both. Sabina has a very beautiful song and Zeljko was the first one I thought could go to the final among all second semifinal contestants. He has a lovely and beautiful voice. =)
        My name is Andrea Gabriela and I’m from Ecuador. Haruna is like my nickname.

      • I liked both. Sabina has a very beautiful song and Zeljko was the first one I thought could go to the final among all second semifinal contestants. He has a lovely and beautiful voice. =)
        My name is Andrea Gabriela and I’m from Ecuador. Haruna is like my nickname.
        And it was afternoon here.

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