See the recap of the dress rehearsal of the Final!

The first dress rehearsal for the Final has ended, and has uploaded a recap of all 26 performances.

The final consists on 10 qualifying countries from the semifnilals, the BIG 5 and the host country.

You can see the recap below:


2 comments on “See the recap of the dress rehearsal of the Final!

  1. I am rooting for Italy, Iceland, Albania, Macedonia, Estonia and BiH. Unfortunately, all the up-tempo songs I supported did not get out of the semis.

    Honorary mentions go to Spain (for world class vocals), Turkey (because of the cute staging) and Sweden (for trying sth different in the framework of ESC).

    Good luck to all finalists! Israel, Finland, Croatia and Portugal should be there instead of Russia, Greece, Lithuania and Malta or Ukraine imho.

  2. This is not dressed rehearsal because Icelandic singers, Kaliopi, Pasha Parfeny, Zeljko Joksimovic, Gaitana and Tooji don’t wear their costumes! OMG I really don’t understand, jury needs to vote for hem tonight (that is the most important part of voting – for the final) and they don’t wear
    don’t wear costumes!! Svashta! :/ :S What a lazy bastards! NO COMMENT really, why you came to Baku to compete where you are lazy to do what you need to do!? :S

    And Italy to win with this unnoticed performance?? Somebody must be kidding me!
    Loreen will win with RECORD in ESC, she will beat Rybak by landslide! She will get 12 from 30-35 countries!

    Btw is that Amber singing in Kurt Caleja’s performance!? I didn’t notice her in the semi! :O

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