Analysis: Qualifiers from the second semifinal!


Serbian qualification was pretty obvious because Serbia is represented by a magnificent song and a great artist. Also, 4 former yugoslav countries were voting on the second semifinal and it is obvious who they voted for, but I admit that this song doesn’t needs the neighbor votes to qualify. I’m glad to see this song in the final! Good luck!


Macedonia’s last time at the final was back in 2007 with Karolina. This year Macedonia changed it’s selection provess, MKTV internally selected Kaliopi, and back in February Kaliopi presented ‘Crno I Belo’. The entry was received in a really positive way and had was good positioned at the charts, but later the rehearsals came and the song climbed some spots. For me the performance was awesome and Kaliopi sang really well. Looking forward to see this at the grand final! Best of Luck!


I really liked the performance and Kurt’s vocals, but the song I just don’t like it, but anyway I’m really glad to see Malta in the final after 2 years. Maybe if Claudia Fainello was the Maltese representative with Pure I would be happier about the Maltese qualification, but in the end, I’d like to wish good luck to Kurt and this gorgeous country.


Even though Ukraine comes with a powerful son, I read some comments in YouTube and and I expected Ukraine to miss the final by few points, and because some of the all time supporters like Russia, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Romania were on the other semifinal. I think that what saved this song from staying in the semifinals was the performance, it was something unusual on Eurovision. Good Luck Gaitana!


Well, Loreen and Euphoria qualified, I’m not surprised at all, I think that we all saw this coming. But I’m really happy that she qualified because Euphoria is a great song by a great singer, she is not my favorite, she is not in my top 5 but I don’t mind if she wins, I’ll be okay with that. Good luck Sweden!


When the las country was to be announced I expected Turkey to miss the final, but all was cleared when they were announced as the winners of the golden ticket. I liked the performance way more than the rehearsals, it was more than I expected, so good luck Turkey on Saturday, you are back on the grand final, your well deserved spot!


Well, last year Estonia was of the favorites to take the trophy home, but Getter finished second to last, maybe this year Estonia’s luck changes in a positive way. Ott’s performance is calm, simple but I like it, it has something special, and it goes with the song. Good luck Eesti!


Norway has qualified, for me it is well deserved, Tooji’s song is hypnotizing and I like the way he performs, many people thinks he’s gay, even me, but that doesn’t matter as I’m 0% homophobic I respect the way he sings, talks and dances, it is really cool. Talking about the song, I’d REALLY like to see it at the Top 5! Good luck! 😀

Bosnia & Herzegovina

This country really deserved to qualify from my point of view, this song is calm, but If I listen to it I can’t listen it just once, minimum ten times. The lyrics are beautiful, I needed the translation because my Serbian is really basic. I really like the performance, Maya’s dress is weird, I don’t like it that much, It’s beautiful bot not for this kind of event. Good Luck Maya!


This was REALLY unexpected, so I have to think about what do I think about this song, meanwhile I can say that Donny’s voice is great but the song is not good, the song is not at Donny’s level, like Que me quiten lo bailao with Lucía Pérez.

Good Luck Lithuania! 2 years in a row! Really nice to see you in the final!


7 comments on “Analysis: Qualifiers from the second semifinal!

  1. Great article, although I disagree with the comments about the quality of the performances of Estonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, both of which underperformed for me, although I thought that Bosnia still deserved to qualify.

    The only other thing I have to say is “YAY! Macedonia made it! YES!”

  2. Yes, great article. However, I sort of disagree on Estonia too. I absolutely LOVE the original version of “Kuula” but all the shouty improvisations Ott is doing now damage the song’s structure … imo. Before the show, I had Estonia in 1st place for semi 2 but Ott lost 4 places on my list because of this urge to … well, give it more, I guess.

  3. It’s time for Spain to be high this year after many years, and jury will help it with maximum they can, MARK MY WORDS, it will be around 17th with televoting, and jury will make it in TOP 10! :S

  4. I am very happy with Macedonia’s qualification. Kaliopi deserved it. Malta’s stage performance was very effective and Kurt’s vocals were above average. The songs is weak, but he certainly nailed it. Ott seems to be having a fit. Do not change what it is perfect.

  5. My BOTTOM 5 in the final:

    22. Norway 2/10
    23. Turkey 1/10
    24. Iceland 0/10
    25. Albania 0/10
    26. Moldova 0/10

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