Analysis: Non qualifying countries, who deserved and who didn´t?

Netherlands D’:<

This year the Netherlands had a great chance of qualifying with Joan, because many people like her song, sadly not enough to take her to the final, this has been the 9th year in a row with a final without Netherlands, which is something really bad because Netherlands is of the founding countries of the Eurovision. Anyway Joan’s song was charming and had the potential to be in the final.


This year Belarus came with a rock band called Litesound, who has an actual rock song, but later a Greek man went to Minsk and ruined it completely, this song has the potential of being in the top 15, Belarus, what happened? you can de way better :). So good luck next year, it would be a pity not to see you Belarus.

To be honest, I love the new version but I like the old better.


This year Portugal was represented by a fantastic song, and a fantastic singer that sadly didn’t made it to the final, Filipa Sousa’s vocals were absolutely perfect as others non-qualifiers.  Her performance was calm but classy and went well with the song, personally I really wanted Portugal to qualify.

Bulgaria 😥

Sofia Marinova vino con una canción very good, it actually had good chances of qualifying because many people said that it was something new for Eurovision, like our user Marko said. Sofi’s performance was simple because she performed alone but for me it was breathtaking I really like to see Bulgaria in Eurovision since last year, unfortunately it is one of those countries who rapidly disappear from Eurovision, the others are: Belarus, Portugal, Montenegro, Croatia, San Marino, Bulgaria, SLOVAKIA, Andorra and Latvia.

Slovenia D’:

I still can’t believe this must be analyzed in this post, so no words. Slovenia, the most underrated country at this year’s Eurovision. Everything was perfect in her performance.


Despite I like this song and Nina very much it was pretty obvious that she was to miss the final, also Nina said so, ‘I don’t even promise to qualify for the final’, but no matter what I will still listen to this song until I die. The fact that really good entries didn’t qualified as me really upset, the qualification of Macedonia was the only one that made me jump as a maniac, I was hoping for Netherlands, BULGARIA, Slovenia, Portugal or Croatia.


Anri has a great voice and great vocals, but the song simply umm just NO! When he won the Georgian national final I was heavily disappointed, both Sophos, Eldrine and Diana were such a great singers representing a great country that I couldn’t understand it until a week after the final, so I must say that I saw this coming.

Slovakia 😥

I’m still mad because Slovakia didn’t made it and really sad because of MJM, he sell his car just for recording the song, this year Slovakia had it all but voting neighbors, which unfortunately is something vital for surviving in this contest, knowing the tastes of Czechs, they would have given the 12 to Slovakia without thinking it twice. Sorry Slovakia and MJM, I hope you keep the faith!

There have been 3 years in a row that Slovakia is so underrated, 2013 Slovakia must WIN!

Tell me, what do you think about my opinions? 🙂

6 comments on “Analysis: Non qualifying countries, who deserved and who didn´t?

  1. I wanted Sloenia and Sloakia too. Sometimes it’s just unfair. =P
    About neighbors…. it can be troublesome, but if I were there, I would hae voted for those two countries over and over and over again – Norway and Sweden too =) -.
    About Georgia, I saw it coming too.

  2. The Netherlands and Slovenia ruined their chances with their performances and live vocals, both had their songs derided at my Eurovision part. I also thought that the Netherlands suffered vocally this time and didn’t really deserve qualification.

    I was also sad about Bulgaria, but I didn’t think that Portugal had a chance in hell of qualifying in the first place.

    All in all, the results were about what I expected after viewing the live performances, although I was still surprised by both Malta and Lithuania (as well as Estonia, but less-so).

  3. Out of my favourites only Croatia didn’t make it … but perhaps Portugal deserved to be in the final even more …

  4. Thanks for the review. Personally, I would rather see Bulgaria, Croatia and Portugal in the final. Their performances were very good and that should have counted for something. Anyway, I just say that I like the stage very much, especially the way the lights are used to convey a mood.

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