TONIGHT: Second Semifinal of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest!

Now, the second chapter of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is about to happen, tonight 18 countries will fight for 10 spots in the Grand Final!

Well, I don’t know how to say this, back in Tuesday I was supposed to tweet during the whole event, but Twitter got the great idea to suspend my account, so I only Tweeted for few countries, now MyED has a brand new account and I will be tweeting from there, remember it is @Eurovision_D , So come and see the event with us! We will be commenting about: The country, the artist, the song and the performance so you better come with us!

Below on the comment section, share with the other readers, which countries would you like to qualify and which not? That is something we care about! See you in a couple of hours!


18 comments on “TONIGHT: Second Semifinal of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest!

  1. Serbia
    ^^ Blessings!!!
    Too bad I won’t be able to see this live. I still need to confirm if I have classes or not. (stupid Health Administration teacher =P)

  2. 1. Estonia 10/10
    2. Ukraine 10/10
    3. Bulgaria 10/10
    4. Sweden 9/10
    5. Serbia 9/10
    6. Bosnia & Herzegovina 9/10
    7. Macedonia 9/10
    8. The Netherlands 8,5/10
    9. Portugal 8,5/10
    10. Croatia 6/10
    11. Georgia 6/10
    12. Slovenia 6/10
    13. Slovakia 5/10
    14. Norway 2/10
    15. Malta 2/10
    16. Belarus 1,5/10
    17. Turkey 1/10
    18. Lithuania 0/10

  3. I have 7 favourite for today’s show (Norway, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sweden, Portugal, Estonia, Slovenija), but on their stage performance I can change my opinion about them… Good luck to all participants! Со среќа, Калиопи! 😉

    I have a ticket for Grand final! I can’t wait! 😀

  4. Here are my lists. This semi is very hard to predict, but one thing is for sure, with 5 former Soviet countries and 5 former Yugo countries, Portugal is out of the picture, regardless of how well Filipa and her backing singers perform. ALKOE says that if this a song contest, Portugal should reach the final. This semi will prove that sometimes it isn’t. Good luck to all hopefuls. 🙂

    Wish list
    The Netherlands


  5. My prediction for the 2nd SF:
    1. Sweden
    2. Serbia
    3. Turkey
    4. Norway
    5. Ukraine
    6. Estonia
    7. Macedonia
    8. Bosnia & Herzegovina
    9. The Netherlands
    10. Belarus
    11. Malta
    12. Georgia
    13. Slovenia
    14. Portugal
    15. Bulgaria
    16. Slovakia
    17. Croatia
    18. Lithuania

  6. All right, my wish list for semi 2 hasn’t changed. Here is my prediction:

    2 certain finalists: Serbia, Sweden
    4 likely finalists: Ukraine, Turkey, Estonia, BiH

    … and then I have 5 songs in my “in with a chance” category. I pick …

    Macedonia (because Kaliopi is a strong and experienced live singer and a star in the FYR countries)
    Portugal (because Portugal has made it with every serious effort since 2008. Plus Filipa obviously gets better with every performance and apparently nailed it tonight)
    Slovenia (because Eva is very young and a very good singer. There is the Molitva vibe too)
    Norway (because of the good draw, the dancing routine and Tooji’s looks)

    I leave out Croatia although I personally love both Nina and her song.

    5 unlikely qualifiers: Netherlands, Malta, Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania
    2 are definitely out imo: Bulgaria (… 😦 …), Slovakia

    Good luck to everyone!

  7. My choice (alphabetical):

    Bosnia & Herzegovina

    and either Bulgaria or Lithuania, don’t care for either but they are better than the rest

    • Hi daniel, if you do not like the new ESCToday (I don’t like it), you can check Eurovision Times too. Many longstanding members of ESCToday have more or less migrated there and discussions are mainly civilised and respectful

      Enjoy tonight’s show!

      • Hi Toggie, I don’t like the new esctoday at all. But I’m not quite in the Eurovison spirit this year anyway, perhaps it isn’t a good idea to go away just before the contest. I have checked now and then on Eurovision Times too, so you may see me on there!

  8. My Qualifiers for the 2nd Semi Final – in no particular order
    1 Sweden
    2 Ukraine
    3 Serbia
    4 Turkey
    5 Slovenia
    6 Macedonia
    7 Lithuania
    8 Bosnia & Herzegovina
    9 Norway
    10 Portugal or Estonia

    Wish List
    1 Portugal
    2 Serbia
    3 Slovenia
    4 Sweden
    5 Norway
    6 Ukraine
    7 Macedonia
    8 Estonia
    9 Bosnia & Herzegovina
    10 Netherlands
    Good luck to all participants and hope everyone enjoys the show tonight.

  9. Wishing top list:
    1. Serbia
    1. Estonia (impossible to choose. Serbia has a better melody but Estonia has better lyrics, and I am a lyrics guy)
    3. Portugal
    4. Sweden
    5. Bosnia & Herzegovina
    6. FYR Macedonia
    7. Croatia
    8. Netherlands
    9. Slovenia
    10. Bulgaria

    Guessing top list:
    1. Sweden
    2. Serbia
    3. Estonia
    4. Turkey
    5. Ukraine
    6. Norway
    7. Bosnia & Herzegovina
    8. Slovenia
    9. FYR Macedonia
    10. Portugal

    I read that some people believe in Georgia, but please. People can’t vote for that, can they? 😦

    • People in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Azerbaijan certainly can. And their juries probably too. And doesn’t Lithuania give its 12 points to Georgia every year? Thinking about this perfect semi for Georgia (neighbour Turkey is there too …), I actually tend to throw either Kaliopi or Filipa out and put Anri into my predicted top 10. 😦

  10. My prediction, in running order:
    Ukraine (here’s hoping Bulgaria can kill it anyway)
    Bosnia & Herzegovina

    On the Georgia thing, I’m inclined to believe they will fail. Unlike other countries that have always made finals Georgia has always sent good songs before now. This is their first really bad song, and I expect they will be punished for it. It’s like Armenia and Emmy. Armenia sent a lot of songs that appeal to Eurovision taste and may not be for everybody, but they were performed well, with vocals just good enough to count, and had diaspora. Without two of those, Armenia 2011 floundered and stayed in the semi. I think the same thing will happen to Anri today.

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