Meet the last qualifiers!

The last 10 finalists have been revealed, this night was full of surprises, many countries returned to the final after some years of staying at the semis, here they are:

  • Lithuania
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Serbia
  • Ukraine
  • Sweden
  • Macedonia
  • Norway
  • Estonia
  • Malta
  • Turkey

Well, those were the last qualifiers, that’s all for this year, just the final and we will know the winner! Stay tuned for the analysis of MyED!

Tell us your reactions about the qualifying countries!


30 comments on “Meet the last qualifiers!

  1. I got 8/10. Missed Lithuania and Malta and had Slovenia and Portugal in instead.

    I can sort of understand Malta qualifying in what was basically a ballad semi … but Lithuania? That song has zero musical substance imo.

    My biggest casualty is Croatia but I never expected Nina to make it through. Slovenia probably is most in shock atm.

    Macedonia was the runaway winner at our party, BiH came second and Sweden (Loreen was very strong tonight) came 3rd.

    My mother has fallen in love with Tooji. Should I be worried?

      • Well it’s difficult when almost all Ex Yugo countries are in one semi all to qualify! In Serbia many ppl expected B&H and Macedonia to stay out and Croatia and Slovenia to go through! But read also my previous comment and @ Togravus also if you want, i told you it was ENORMOUS STORM wind HARD WIND, RAIN and THUNDERSTORMS during whole semi in Croatia, Serbia, B&H, maybe Slovenia (I dunno for Slovenia) so maybe that also have some impact on televoting! My friend who lives in one place 15 km from Belgrade lost electricity from swedena nd didn’t get it till the end of the semi..

  2. I’m very sad for Sofi Marinova!!! 😥
    That performance was one of the best in ESC EVER! Arena was on FIRE while she performed, that was EPIC! I danced like a manic while she was performing! AMAZING SOFI! ;-**

    I voted for her a lot! 😦

    But I’m happy with Ukraine, Estonia! They were also my favorites!! And they are IN!

    I thought for a second Turkey will miss the final, but NO! 😦
    I hated Turkey, I hope they flop as much as possible in the final!

    generally I loved this semi A LOT, many great and fresh performances and many great outfits! Compared to first shite semi this was like a heaven!

    I also liked Portugal, and my father as well, because she sang so nice, but her dress was ULTRA HORRIBLE! Golden – YUCK!

    there is also one problem – we had a huge storm in Serbia during all semi, and many houses lost electricity, it was huge thunderstorms all the time, i also lost programe for several times, and especially during Gaitana, and a bit when was Sofi Marinova! 😦 I think that had impact on voting! Also in B&H and Croatia was huge storm, i turned HRT several times and they even had more interruptions of programe.. 😦

    Loreen FTW!

  3. @ MyEurovisionDiary

    You can’t imagine how it was, my father got home at 20:45 and he couldn’t get from the car for almost 10 minutes in from of our house!!!!! :O It was raining that you can’t see anything! And thunderstorms, also wind! ;/

  4. OK, Portugal didn’t make it through. Now there’s no purpose in living anymore. Can someone pass me a gun? 😦

    No, honestly, the results were almost as I had predicted. Yes, I’m very surprised that Lithuania made it. I did never count on Malta either, but Kurt did really a good job lifting his poor song up many degrees.

    I take back many of the bad things I’ve said about Turkey. Their song did really nail me tonight. A very good perfomance, too.

    One song I can’t say the same of is Ukraine. Dios mio, what a horrible performance! I did even think for a while that my fellow Europeans would react in the same way and bring that trash to the bin, but hell no!

    More updated feelings coming up soon. 😉

    • I ADORED Gaitana, if she stayed in semi I would skip final for sure! I voted for Gaitana many times! 🙂 She sings ULTRA GREAT (vocals are AWESOME) and song is so happy! 😉

      Sir Shakespeara, we are all different, for example you loved Moldova few days ago and told me it was the most colorful performance, while I think it’s THE WORST and BLOODY AWFUL, and for me Gaitana is so positive and colorful!

      • @ Loreen FTW!!

        Yes, we are obviously not soulmates when it comes to ex-Soviet countries, but we can at least join together in our Euphoria about Loreen. 😉

        Btw, I agree with you that Gaitana is a great singer, but the performance made me feel a bit unhealthy in some mysterious way…

    • It is Ukraine, and they always qualify. This year’s semis have proven once more that there are the same 8 countries qualifying every year, and then the rest of the bunch (10 or 11 countries) can fight for the remaining two slots in the final. 😦

      I think that the EBU should introduce 40 % televoting / 60 % jury voting.

      • GOSH no comment, Moldova, Albania, Turkey are not enough for you (you want everything for your taste and nothing for different tastes)
        If Gaitana stayed in semis I wouldn’t watch final!
        RESPECT diversity! 😉
        You are the one whose mouth is always FULL of “diversity”! 😉 LOL

  5. Dorem dem dem dej
    Dorem dem dem dej
    Dorem dem dem dej ja

    Seviyorum seni, s’ agapao poli
    Yo te quiero a ti, volim te, mon chéri
    Teb običam, samo teb običam
    Teb običam kazvam az

    But dehaftu mange, voglio bene a te
    Mən səni sevirəm, ya habibi, je t’aime
    Teb običam, samo teb običam
    Njama granici za nas

    SOFI THE BEST! :-*****

  6. @ Sir Shakespeare

    I wish Norway and Lithuania stayed in semis! Norway is for garbage bin for me IMMEDITELY! Fake oriental music! PUUUUKE! Where on the earth that shite would be sucesful except in ESC! :O :/

  7. @ Sir Shakespeare

    Well for me sick is Moldova and Gaitana was AWESOME! Those ppl on LED screen dancing are so fresh for ESC! I wish ESC allows many ppl on the stage because then we can have World class choreographies (not fake oriental shites like Norway), but as they don’t allow she was very clever to bring that idea on the stage!
    I loved outfit as well, t was original, i only disliked what she wore on the head! But all right…

  8. Moldovan singer has HORRIBLE English, I didn’t understand a word, while Gaitana has REALLY GREAT English accent, almost like American singers! Gaitana FTW!!!! :-***

  9. Lithuania in the Final? OMG! :O But it was hyper-boring! And Malta was big surprise for me, I’m happy for Malta! 🙂 But I’m so sad for Portugal and Slovenia! 😦 And I think Turkey doesn’t deserve to be in Final!

    My ranking for the 2nd SF:
    1. NORWAY
    2. SWEDEN
    3. UKRAINE
    4. MALTA
    5. ESTONIA
    9. SERBIA
    10. PORTUGAL
    11. GEORGIA
    12. BELARUS
    13. TURKEY
    14. SLOVAKIA
    15. CROATIA
    18. BULGARIA

    GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  10. Well I didn’t see Malta coming but they really have a slick routine and the back drop works best of all three with people imagery however I hated the dj bopping about and the female backing singer. I was sad and surprised Slovenia didn’t make it and just sad for Portugal (very dated but still my favourite Portuguese entry – ever). Sweden was excellent, well done Loreen, it looked great and the whole thing came across so well, the slom-mo ending was excellent. Was spot on with Lithuania, so late in the draw and he sold it well. 9/10 again. Consistent at least. Now to decide who’s going to win the overall thing. Sweden looking good though. Though Italy Spain and Russia are serious contenders imo

  11. Just like last semi, here is my song-by-song views. I was with the same three people as last time. One is a Eurofan-in-the-making. One is my closest friend that tolerates the contest because I love it, and one is a newbie that I’m exposing for the first time.

    Serbia: Only three of us watched the first two songs. Both of the two that had arrived (video game fans) thought that Serbia’s instrumental sounded like the title screen to a fantasy video game. Both also thought it was well-performed and deserved the final. Surprisingly to me, I found myself liking it more than when I first heard it, and I like it more than “Lane Moje,” which I never understood the fuss about. That was three for three then.

    Macedonia: The live sold me even more than I was already sold. I absolutely adore Kaliopi’s song, and it looks like it will be the first Macedonian entry to ever make it into my top 5. The staging was average, but it didn’t need fantastic staging anyway. One of us, the friend that tolerates the contest for me, has fallen in love with the song, written the title and artist down to buy the song, and has declared after the two semis that this is the song that she wants to win the whole thing. It also got a positive response from the other person there.

    Netherlands: After hearing it today, I stopped thinking it would qualify. It was really messy today, and it’s a shame. If this was like her national final performance, I do think that the Netherlands might have made it. One of the us mentioned how she seemed to be off-key for the entire performance and none of the others understood or liked the giant headdress.

    Malta: We had technical issues for a good part of this performance, so this is only based on a small part of it. I’m still not sold on this, and I’m kinda annoyed that Malta finally made the finals with a non-Chiara song on THE year that I’m not supporting them. That being said, his live was far better than the national final performance, and Malta has gone back to always sending singers that can sing. My friends mentioned that they gave the song a failing grade but the dancing a perfect score.

    Belarus: I could not get over the outfit of Dmitry. It was so odd. He kinda looked like he was heading to a gay nightclub in the Middle Ages. I was quite confused. Anyway, the song was well-performed, but I never thought it stood a chance. It doesn’t stand out enough, and my friends seemed more-inclined to comment on everything BUT the song. One mentioned that they liked the chainmail that the artists were wearing. Another couldn’t help but laughing at the pronunciation of “We are the winners” as “We are the wieners.”

    Portugal: I honestly never thought that this stood a chance in this semi final or in general. It doesn’t excite me in any way, even when it is perfectly performed. My friends did not look up at the screen during the whole performance, and one of them began to curl up on the bed and shut her eyes. All in all, nobody mentioned anything about it.

    Ukraine: This was attacked by every single one of us. I honestly didn’t hate it and still thought it was okay. I much prefer it live to the studio, where I cannot stand it. That being said, one friend mentioned that if he was Gaitana’s guest, he would destroy her house. Another cheered right after he said that. I couldn’t stop making fun of that dance move at the end of the chorus by imitating it with even more enthusiasm, and we played it again just so that I could do it (because I can’t seem to do it without the song playing xD).

    Bulgaria: Another song that everybody but me hated. I honestly think that it was the effect of coming right after Ukraine and everybody thinking it was the same song continuing. Near the end, one asked when the song would end because he felt like it had been going on forever. They didn’t like the “Oh ey ey ey ey, oh ey ey ey ey, oh ey ey ey ey”s either.

    Slovenia: This is where this semi started to lose my friends. One mentioned how it looked like they were all going out to attend a wedding, and one friend (one that has fallen in love with Marija Serifovic’s “Molitva”) hated this song and called it “the most-boring thing yet.” I still couldn’t get into it, and it has the same criticism I’ve had of it since the national final and that is that the song feels like it should be longer with its building. It sounds like it cuts off right as I’m about to really be grabbed by it.

    Croatia: My friend that had lain down at Portugal re-closed her eyes for Croatia’s performance. This is another song that nobody really cared either way about. I didn’t even care for it either way, and I loved this song before the national final.

    Sweden: I was surprised at this but none of my friends showed even moderate interest in this song. The laying friend kept her eyes closed all performance, opening her eyes during the ‘snow’ scene to instantly comment that Loreen had “all the dandruff.” Other than that, nobody commented on it at all. This brings me back to when I showed the performance to a couple of the gays back at university that I thought would really love it, and they had uninterested reactions too. I guess this song doesn’t interest the U.S. in the least.

    Georgia: Negative reactions across the board. I honestly don’t know what else to say about this one. The song is bad, the live is bad, the performance was somewhere between confusing and awful, the lyrics abysmal… All I can say is next.

    Turkey: Probably the all-around favorite tonight. All three of them loved this song to death, and they looked up videos of it on Youtube and continued to play it after the show was over. It was the hit of the night. One friend mentioned at the end of the show that this was his favorite to win the entire competition. He also mentioned that he really wanted one of Can’s jackets. The friend that had Macedonia as her favorite hummed it during dinner and the movie we watched afterwards (she also mentioned that she finally understood why I find him attractive). The third friend sang along with the chorus on the second time and enjoyed the stage presentation.

    Estonia: Nobody really commented positively or negatively about this, except for me. I mentioned how I HATED what he did with that stupid shouting. I was never a big fan of this song in the first place but that shouting gave this song a place in my bottom three for the night.

    Slovakia: My friend that had Turkey as his favorite for the night put this as his second-favorite, although he admitted that the vocals were “bad punk-rock vocals”. Another commented how she thought that we had been transported back to the 1980s (said this in a negative sense). I still find the abysmal vocals horrid. This, Estonia, and Georgia were my bottom three for the night.

    Norway: This was the favorite of the night for the newbie (although she said that she still wanted Jedward to win). As for the others, one mentioned that he would like it more if it was just the backing track and there were no people. The last friend just kind of ignored the song and dance routine entirely (although she said that she was listening). I find this to be below-average still, although I knew this would qualify (it probably would have not in the first semi though).

    Bosnia & Herzegovina: She did not sell this to me tonight. Honestly, if you are going to have so subdued of a ballad, your voice needs to be pitch-perfect, and she wasn’t. That being said, I thought it was a pleasant-enough song. The others didn’t really comment on it again, although none of them looked too disappointed when it was called as a finalist.

    Lithuania: The bedazzled headband was a hit with them, although none of them were particularly fond of the song. I think we all expressed surprise when it was the first qualifier. One friend commented that he can’t dance, while another thought the song was silly and annoying. I must admit that his vocals were impeccable in the semi, and he probably deserved his place in the final. I’m still shocked he made it though.

    Based on the semi-final performances, here’s how it breaks out for us:

    Favorite of the first semi-final: Albania.
    Favorite of the second semi-final: Macedonia
    Least-deserving finalist of the first semi-final: Cyprus
    Least-deserving finalist of the second semi-final: Estonia
    Favorite to win of (only) the semi-finalists: Albania

    Favorite of the first semi-final: Albania
    Favorite of the second semi-final: Turkey
    Least-deserving finalist of the first semi-final: Denmark or Greece (I couldn’t tell which one he disliked more)
    Least-deserving finalist of the second semi-final: Ukraine
    Favorite to win of (only) the semi-finalists: Turkey

    Tolerates Eurovision for Me:
    Favorite of the first semi-final: Hungary
    Favorite of the second semi-final: Macedonia
    Least-deserving finalist of the first semi-final: Moldova
    Least-deserving finalist of the second semi-final: Ukraine
    Favorite to win of (only) the semi-finalists: Macedonia

    Newbie to Eurovision:
    Favorite of the first semi-final: Ireland
    Favorite of the second semi-final: Norway
    Least-deserving finalist of the first semi-final: Cyprus
    Least-deserving finalist of the second semi-final: Ukraine
    Favorite to win of (only) the semi-finalists: Ireland

    • So you can say that Can Bonomo could have success in the USA and Loreen NO WAY!? LOOOL 😀 No comment! :/

      Hmm and very strange that in both semis they like all you like the most! :S Pfff…

      • Actually, I’m not saying that, Marko. Unlike with Loreen, I have not shown Can to anybody that I don’t do ESC with and the newbie that I mentioned. I have not shown him to the people that I don’t do ESC with like I did with Loreen. I was just commenting that I haven’t seen anybody excited over “Euphoria” among the people I know after I showed it to them. Some of the people I showed it to loved Alexander Rybak and didn’t even know what Eurovision was, and they are not showing nearly as warm of reactions to Loreen. That was all I was saying. I did not think that they would like Can, and as such, I did not show them Can to waste their time.

        That’s not true, Marko. They loved Ireland and Norway got generally positive reviews. Both of these songs I dislike. They also showed no excitement at songs like Bosnia and Croatia, which while I mentioned that neither excited me on the night of the semi, I still liked. They also hated both Bulgaria and Ukraine. I LOVE Bulgaria and think that Ukraine is pretty good live (but hate the studio version).

        I would say that I also liked the Netherlands and they hated it, but the performance really sank it to where I didn’t really like it either. As for the first semi, one person thinks the same of Moldova that you do, while I like Moldova. Hungary got more-favorable views than I thought it deserved. Israel got bashed, while I loved everything about the performance and song, and one person disliked Rona’s song while loving Rona’s voice (only reason she thought that Rona should qualify), and as I mentioned in the review, one person didn’t understand Montenegro at all, while the other two were loving it as much as I was. I don’t think that we were that uniform at all.

      • The only songs that we all liked of both semis were: Romania, Finland, Russia, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, and maybe Lithuania (one person didn’t really say anything about it, so I don’t know how she felt).

        The only songs that we all disliked of both semis were: Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Netherlands (because of that performance or I’d prevent it from being here), and Georgia.

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