Finland confirms for 2013!

The Finns are already planning for 2013. Uuden musiikin kilpailu will be used again as selection method.

Finland held a long selection process for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest called Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, the voting consisted on SMS, Juries and Televote, whether changes are made is not yet known. The rules will be made public as soon as possible after the Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

Translated from Finnish to English

Source: YLE

Meanwhile enjoy the Finnish debut entry:


20 comments on “Finland confirms for 2013!

  1. @ MED

    Do you see? Nobody comments anymore because people are afraid or don’t want to expose themselves because they expect nasty and very personal attacks. 😦 It has happened to many other ESC sites before. Most ESC fans do not enjoy hate but want to celebrate! It is a shame really because you are a fantastic guy who has put so much effort and love into creating this fantastic site.

  2. @ My euroviison diary or @ Tito

    You see how he manipulates and wants to make space without me, he has NAZZI elements in his attitude and he wants me not to exist (he does that for years) but now i’m sure in that, i was idiot all those years! feel free to do whatever you want! But soon or later you will realize everything even If I gone!!! 😉

  3. @ My eurovision diary

    And I have evidences he lies heavily! he says to many ESC sites, and i have been only in 3 esc sites in my whole life, and from one of them i’m, banned for almost a year so I don’t comment there…and one other marginal ESC site where I have been was eurovision times, where i was normally and didn’t attack anybody, but I had similar problems with HIM sometimes!!! i had only problem with that person full of complexes!

  4. I want this to stop because now is ESC week, but NO this user continues… no comment really! :/

    I stop now!

    @ My eurovision diary

    I don’t ask for anything else but to tell him to LEAVE ME ALONE!!

      • Don’t you worry, MyEurovisionDiary. I told Marko yesterday that I would never ever talk to him again, and I will keep my promise. Thus there will be peace, and I HOPE that people will return to your blog.

        Good night! Sleep tight and have nice dreams … Italy winning, if I have it my way. 🙂

      • I’m really sorry, i was never somebody who makes mess without a reason, you can ask everybody I know, you can ask everybody from my mother and father to my friends! But i can’t take that from HIM anymore, for years he calls me negative just because I dislike entries he likes in this festival and because I’m different to him…when i react about entries and i criticize them…but you know why I started this because now he is also very rude and negative to entries he dislikes (Buranovskie babushki), but even if he started to be like that he still accuses me I’m negative! That was realy TOO MUCH AND I SIMPLY COULDN’T STAND ANYMORE!! Who he thinks he is (and that arrogant elitist Shevek who acts for years – I know him from esctoday, that he is English queen, pffffffff)
        Maybe I have a bit childish way when i criticize smth and he doesn’t like that!!! But seriously, ENOUGH is ENOUGH…he should find somebody else from Western Europe to be arrogant and make full of that person, not me, he thinks he can do whatever with me because I’m from eastern Europe! Well he is wrong this time!!!!

    • Also, Marko as this is the Eurovision Week, you wont be banned from commenting, that would be horrible, also I’m not a fan of banning too.
      If you don’t like Togravus, just don’t talk to him, togravus, you too, If you also don’t like Marko, Leave Him Alone! you can talk, you are free people, but in a friendly way 🙂

  5. I meant fool…my English is not good, so he is always in advantage because I can’t express some tings i want sometimes..

  6. Sofi Marinova has maybe the best dress rehearsal from the 2nd semi, her haircut is great, one of he best in ESC EVER!

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